Author James Dale’s New Book Goose and Cow

New York, NY, March 04, 2024 — James Dale, who was born and raised in the South, has completed his new book, “Goose and Cow”: a charming children’s story spoken through the mind of a goose. The goose realizes that most other families in the pasture where they live look alike, but the unlikely pair are as happy as can be.

Author James Dale is an avid reader and sports enthusiast. He is a fan of fiction and nonfiction alike. His love of stories that stimulate the mind and imagination is his motivation for writing and illustration.

After many years in the corporate and small business worlds, he began to create stories that emerged from real-life events. James has used his creative side to help express emotions and deal with realities and circumstances that are sometimes difficult to cope with and hard to explain.

James discusses his work, sharing, “In life, we see things that make us smile and force us to wonder why and how.”