Author Steven B. Reider’s New Book, From Wag to Swag

Fairfield, CA, December 01, 2023 –Steven B. Reider, who has been training dogs for over twenty years, has completed his new book, “From Wag to Swag: A Coffee Table Tribute to Bird Dogs”: a heartwarming work that celebrates dogs and all that they offer the world.

Every day he spends out in the field with the dogs, author Steven B. Reider finds nothing but joy in the process. He has always loved dogs, but his love for dogs deepened as a result of his military service and, later in life, being diagnosed with PTSD. He has often said that he is forever indebted to dogs for what they have done for him and his life.

Steve is a man of many words and an endless number of quotes—many of which he has penned throughout his lifetime, all about life and the love of dogs. Steve has written three other books: “From Sit to Gundog,” “All Dogs Are from Missouri,” and “Some Days You’re the Dog, Some Days You’re the Fire Hydrant”—which deal with basic obedience training and hunt training for your favorite dog and one that will show you how funny dogs can be. Steve’s love for dogs shows up in all his books. He is truly a dog man and a master of his craft.

Steve writes, “This book is dedicated to the one dog who gave me the strength to keep living. The dog who willed me to live on more than one occasion. She stayed by my side through the good times and through times when it got a little rough. Katie, a beautiful chocolate Labrador retriever, taught me so much throughout her life; but more than anything, she taught me how to live in the moment. She taught me how to stay in the present and not to dwell on the past. She taught me what had passed can never be changed. She taught me not to worry about the future because things may, and often do, change many times before we ever get there. Katie gave me strength and hope, but most of all, she gave me happiness—not just me but anyone who had ever met her. Man, could she ever make me smile!”