Bryan Strain’s New Book, Elery Is Not Himself, is a Heartfelt Story of a Little Elf

Mount Pleasant, UT, September 14, 2023 –Fulton Books author Bryan Strain, who was born and raised in the Southern San Joaquin Valley of California, has completed his most recent book, “Elery Is Not Himself”: a charming story of a young elf who longs to fly like his new friend, but soon discovers the importance of being true to oneself, and his very important role as an elf.

Growing up, stories were always a large part of author Bryan Strain’s childhood. His mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all loved reading and telling stories, which became a regular occurrence and instilled in him a love for the power of stories. Now with a family of his own, Bryan was inspired to write his own set of stories for his children and others.

“Elery, a woodland elf, wishes he could be like his friend, Sammy,” writes Strain. “He thinks Sammy’s ability to fly makes him better and more important than a woodland elf. With the help of a wise friend, Elery discovers that you will never be more happy than when you are being yourself.”