Cambridge Montessori Preschool Hosts Summer Camp with Upcycling Projects in all Franchises

Cambridge Montessori Preschool Hosts Summer Camp with Upcycling Projects in all Franchises Cambridge Montessori Preschool, the fastest-growing preschool chain in India, has recently organized a Four-Week summer camp across all of their franchises to foster creativity in toddlers. The main theme of the camp was “Upcycling” and kids were taught to create beautiful pieces of art by utilizing items that could be Upcycled. The intent behind the central idea was to encourage young kids not only to be creative but also to be mindful of the environment.

The camp sessions included several efforts and engaged activities based on creative and cognitive development, Physical development, Health checkups, Excursions, and Entertainment. Origami, Calligraphy, Pottery, Mask Making, Face Painting, Cold Cooking, Arts and crafts, and so on are some of the activities included along with Physical development activities including Yoga Asanas, and Aerobics.

Health checkups like Dental, Eye, and Overall body checkups were also initiated to ensure or address concerns about a child’s physical and emotional development. To inspire children’s confidence, allow them to explore openly, and encourage them to ask questions about what they see around them, the summer program included excursions to an animal park, grocery shopping, and nearby educational locations. In addition to all of this, the preschool organized several fun tasks including a fashion show, Pyjama party, rain dance, and movie screening to help children develop social skills that will enable them to interact with one another and form bonds through participation in enjoyable activities.

“We are extremely happy to organize a successful summer camp session this year. For the last 6 years, we’ve been arranging these camps for our children to help them find their artistic aptitude and foster their creative desire by learning new things. We believe that the ultimate aim of providing happy and healthy learning to students is to develop optimism and self-confidence in them. In the Future we’ll organize more such camps and fun events for our children to allow them to learn new skills in a secure and supportive environment” said Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh, Managing Director of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare.

Cambridge Montessori keeps organizing these types of activities and camps for the students to teach them new activities and skills and take out their creativity in a fun learning process. On a daily basis, kids are taught numerous activities in a learning environment, intrinsically engaging materials, and age-appropriate development activities that boost their creativity, cognitive skills, and language abilities. Teachers of Cambridge are well qualified and receive frequent training and workshops which enable them to handle difficult situations and spruce up to provide the necessary acumen and resources.