Chara Kirschner’s Newly Released Miscellaneous

New York, NY, December 08, 2023 — “Miscellaneous”: a vibrant fiction with compelling action and an affable cast. “Miscellaneous” is the creation of published author, Chara Kirschner, a teen, born and raised in Tennessee.

Kirschner shares, “Fourteen-year-old Kara Smith led a normal life. She had friends, family, and everything she could possibly want or need until an accident followed by a series of strange events changed her life.

“From uncovering betrayals and lies, she realizes that she’s hardly scratched the surface of all the secrets that had been piling up since before she was born.

“Join Kara as she continues to uncover lies, truths, and multiple betrayals by the people closest to her, all while finding true friends who will fight by her side.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Chara Kirschner’s new book is the author’s flagship novel and showcases a burgeoning talent for crafting vivid realms of imagination.