Dr. Zena Hamdan’s New Book Our Inner Biases

Dearborn, MI, June 20, 2024 –Fulton Books author Dr. Zena Hamdan, a public health educator and scholar, has completed her most recent book, “Our Inner Biases: Awareness Alone Is Not Enough”: a thought-provoking guide to help readers reflect upon and identify their subconscious biases in order to work through and overcome them and dispel the harmful effects that can have over an individual.

“Have you ever heard about the power of thinking without thinking?” writes Dr. Hamdan. “We all hold inner biases toward many different aspects of life! And these biases have a negative impact on our social, family, study, and work environments. These biases are harmful because they influence the way we perceive things, make decisions, and interact with others.

“Learning to identify and overcome these biases is a very crucial step toward living a better life the way you like and not how others want you to!”