EuroKids Celebrates Guru Purnima across centres in India; Reinforces Significance of Early Learning and Role of Teachers in Children’s Education

EuroKids Celebrates Guru Purnima across centres in India; Reinforces Significance of Early Learning and Role of Teachers in Children's EducationMumbai, July 10, 2023: EuroKids, India’s Most Trusted Preschool, celebrated Guru Purnima across its 100+ centres around the country, reinforcing the importance of early learning and honouring the teachers in the lives of preschool children. The nationwide celebration aimed to foster a strong foundation of respect, mindfulness, and positive habits among the little ones. 

Guru Purnima, a traditional Indian festival celebrated extensively, is dedicated to paying respects to parents and academic teachers (gurus). EuroKids centres across Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, among other locations, used the occasion to acknowledge and recognise all the teachers in a child’s life, including parents, grandparents, siblings and educators at the preschool. EuroKids also embraced this occasion to highlight early childhood education’s crucial role in shaping a child’s future. The preschool brand strongly believes that the collaborative efforts of all these individuals form a strong support system that contributes to a child’s learning experience and overall development.

A total of 6000+ children from various EuroKids centres across the country participated in the celebrations by creating handmade greeting cards and presenting flowers to their teachers and parents. The activities undertaken as part of the celebration included 100+ arts and crafts classes and interactive sessions that emphasised the values of respect, gratitude, and mindfulness among children.

Speaking on the celebration of Guru Purnima, Dr Aboli Sayyed, Centre Head, Fatima Nagar, said, “Through the celebration, children were taught an important lesson on the significance of teachers in their lives. Through various engaging activities, such as crafting heartfelt greeting cards for their parents, we highlighted educators’ invaluable role and emphasized the profound influence of parents as a child’s first teachers. This experience taught children the importance of expressing gratitude and appreciation for those who guide and nurture them throughout their lives.”

Expressing happiness over children’s enthusiastic participation in the Guru Purnima celebration, Dr Anita Madan, Head – of Curriculum Development, EuroKids, said, “At EuroKids, we firmly believe in the power of early learning and the profound influence of teachers and family members on a child’s development. Through our Guru Purnima celebration, we aimed to pay tribute to these individuals and nurture the core values that shape our young learners. We are glad to see the children’s participation and remain committed to providing a conducive learning environment where all kids can thrive and reach their fullest potential.”

As a leading preschool brand, EuroKids remains committed to nurturing the future generation by providing them with a strong foundation and value system.