Euroschool— The First School To Implement Nep’s Salient Features…

Mumbai:EuroSchool, India’s leading K12 school brand has revised its school curriculum under the New Education Policy (NEP). Cerebrum, EuroSchool’s in-houseteam of researchers has designed the new contentforgrades 1 to 5 in keeping with the recommendations made by the NEP 2020.. The new content framework of the EuroSchool curriculum is based on the 7E instruction design principle, which includes the following: Engage, Explain, Elaborate, Explore, Evaluate, Extend and Experience.

The modified content framework will be made available in the coming academic year.. Assessment of core concepts, higher-order skills and their applications in real-life situations through case studies, and discussions are the highlights of this curriculum,. The upgraded curriculum will thus ensure the use of subject knowledge in practical life. Self-assessment and peer assessment will enable students to do regular SWOT analysis and work on their weaknesses and threats. The process of designing andupgrading of the curriculum started in September 2020by a core team of 21 experts. The team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the content framework includes the 4C’s of 21st Century learning skills – Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication – by incorporating various pedagogical tools, which are enhanced using EuroSchool’s proprietary-learning ecosystem– Argus.

EuroSchool has made these changes not just to the physical textbooks but also their highly appreciated and effective digital learning ecosystem – Argus.

Argusis designed to facilitate threecore objectives: 1. Personalized learning from home; 2. Facilitating collaboration between students & teachers and 3. Inviting parents to partner in their child’s journey through timely information and counsel.

The L-R-P-A-X pedagogical framework forms the backbone of the Argus@Home student application. Studentslearn from and engages with digital media (digital book, videos and quizzes). Concepts and content are reinforced through recap cards, Check Your Progress quizzes and interactive videos. They then practisewhat they have learnt by solving worksheets. The application activities and videos enable students to apply concepts to real-world situations to make learning meaningful and relevant. Students then apply their knowledge of concepts doing projects that integrates other subjects(experiential learning) thereby imbibing the NEP 2020 recommendations completely.

Other salient features, such as the teacher, student and parent communication, online formative assessment, chapter-wise student analytics, co-scholastic clubs,projects and homework submissions further cement the student’s learning.

Commenting on the initiative, Rahul Deshpande, K-12 Schools, EuroKids Group, said, “At EuroSchool we have always encouraged innovation –- both in the classroom as well as in the organization. After our in-house curriculum team analysed the newNational Education Policy, they got to work immediately to incorporate the new elements in our curriculum. We are proud to have a strong in-house team of curriculum designers and developers that work around the clock to deliver meaningful and engaging content for our students. This helps them achieve both academic and all-round development milestones. Our aim is to ensure that our students are provided with the most innovative inputs to help them discover their potential. The changes in the curriculum in keeping with the NEP guidelines is the first step towards this. We are confident this will be appreciated by our parents & teachers alike.”

“Let me add here that our students have been taking up internships during their vacations even before the NEP was announced and this will be continued. EuroSchoolers have been and will continue to benefit fromtheir internships. “he said.