ICA Edu Skills organizes virtual job fair; sees attendance of 45 leading companies from various sectors

New Delhi: ICA Edu Skills, India’s leading training and skill development institute is conducting an ongoing virtual mega job fair in order to help and connect the people who are seeking employment opportunities amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that led to the cutting down of substantial job openings in our country.

As many as 45 leading companies from various sectors including CA Firms, Banking & Insurance, Manufacturing, ITES & BPO and Logistics are participating in the fair and more than 5,000 students from different parts of the country have registered themselves in it so far. A dozen colleges are participating in the event. More than 30% of students and youngsters have benefited from this digital initiative.

Some of the companies participating are Wipro, ICICI Lombard, HDB Financial, Shalimar Group, OFB Solutions, Genius Consultants, Aright co Consulting, Writers Information, IBN Technologies, OSource Global, SurePrep India, Datamatics Business Solutions, Adecco India and many others.

After registering and signing in to the virtual fair job, seekers can explore the employers’ virtual booths, learn more about the companies and see what all opportunities are available. Once they apply for the interview, it is followed by one-on-one virtual interviews through text-based chats and video conferencing with the company representatives.

To register and for the regular updates, the job seeker can visit on link-https://www.facebook.com/ICAJobguarantee/

“There is a surge of people looking for employment right now as the country has opened economic activities after a strict lockdown, which was meant to curb the brutal second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The career fair is tailored to fill maximum positions available among the participating companies and provide skilled candidates to the industry”, said Dr. Narendra Shyamsukha, Chairman, ICA Edu Skills.

Virtual job fairs like these play an important role for the new job seekers or students to experience the hiring process as due to the pandemic there has been a gap between the seekers and recruiters. Also, the people who are looking to start their career recently do not have the experience of how the interviews are done.

Mr Ankit Shyamsukha, CEO, ICA Edu Skills added that “Firms continue to face challenges of getting trained manpower. And we find plenty of young graduates struggling to land a job. Education should not be just knowledge but the application of knowledge. The goal of this virtual job fair is to reach as many candidates as possible and provide them with the right direction and platform that suits their talent and aptitude. It helps students understand what the industry is looking for and gives the potential candidates an experience that they have ever had before.”

There has been always a demand-supply gap in professions such as Accounts, Banking, Finance, and Taxation even before the pandemic and the pandemic has only widened this gap. The number of openings (demand) available in this sector is far higher than the number of people available (supply). Despite so many people looking for jobs and yet openings being indefinitely open highlights only 1 issue at large SKILLS GAP. Industry demands are different for which specialized training is needed, If you have the right skills opportunities are aplenty.