Kathi Wolfe is Awarded the 2024 William Meredith Prize for Poetry

Groton, CT, December 04, 2023 –This prize is awarded not because of Kathi Wolfe’s distinguished career as a LGBTQ writer, but simply her talent as a writer. It is intriguing to get to know a gay person, but the operative word is person. One may not be familiar with the landscape, but the land is what matters. To get to know someone who is unique, to get into the life of a person intimately such as Ivan Illych or Mme. Bovary is a formidable achievement. And this is the joy Kathi brings to her work. To see the challenges a gay woman faces in her daily life, her love, her take on reality, her witt, her humor, this is the reason for this award. She expands human consciousness by her serious focus on the life of one pilgrim traveling the long road. In this collection, the particular reveals the universal, as Artistotle would have it. We see what it means to be human in one beautiful life.