LawSikho creating international placement opportunities for lawyers and students from developing countries

New Delhi: Braving the crippling pandemic, LawSikho, a leading online legal education focused edtech platform headquartered in New Delhi has successfully facilitated job and internship placements for 1113 learners upto 21st June 2021.

The platform started a dedicated placement office in February 2020. 12 placements were recorded in April 2020 which grew to 150 by May 2021. LawSikho has alumni of over 12,000 learners, out of which around 2000 participated in the placement process during this period. The placement drive has helped 450+ organizations hire well-trained legal talent. Many of these organizations are based in India but LawSikho has turned its focus recently on international markets to benefit from remote work and international talent arbitrage.

“We have beefed up our Placement Office recently with several new hires who have earlier worked at top law firms. We also started a team that is exclusively helping our students to secure freelance work. Now we have 15 people working across teams exclusively to support our learners for their placement. A lot of my time is now spent talking to lawyers in the USA, UK and Canada understanding their remote hiring requirements. I am really excited about our upcoming placement-focused initiatives,” said Ramanuj Mukherjee, Co-Founder & CEO of LawSikho.

31 LawSikho learners have interned at various international organizations like Nishimura and Asahi (Japan), Kulkarni Law Offices (USA), Dinesh Muthal & Co. (Malaysia), Hloov (UAE), Karm Legal (UAE), Community Law Project (UK), Lawlor’s Law (UK) and others.

Freelance work support to LawSikho Students was started in April 2021- till 21st June 2021. In less than 3 months since inception, the freelance mentorship team mentored 200 interested students who participated in the program and 51 students got opportunities so far on different freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and other direct freelancing opportunities with different clients across the globe. Within the first month, they reached an average earning of $142. While it is a small amount, it is a life-changing experience for many of them as it is their first earning working part-time during a pandemic when opportunities are hard to come by. Some of them have already earned more than $2000.

“I have taken three interns from LawSikho and they have all been good so far. I am happy to get in contact for future requirements as soon as necessary,” said, Darshan Kulkarni, Pharm. D, MS, Esq. The Kulkarni Law Firm, Philadelphia, United States.

It is to be noted that the LawSikho team helps with the first few gigs and then the student becomes self-sufficient to get more work on their own though they can reach out to the team when they are stuck for mentorship. LawSikho mentors them through a process and guides them towards a thriving freelance remote career where they can potentially earn in excess of $1000 per month through freelance work.
The most important thing to notice was that few law students who are in 3rd year and 4th year got several freelance opportunities and were able to earn $400 + within 15 days from freelancing platforms. They are all working part-time, usually just 2-3 hours a day.

“The four interns sent by LawSikho have the good aptitude to imbibe and are performing to my expectations and helping my organization grow. I have again sent a requirement of 2 more candidates to LawSikho,” said Suman Bahrunani, Founder, WorkBoxHub, Dubai.

The platform is currently working with solo lawyers and small law firms in the USA to identify their remote freelancer requirements and training law graduates and law students to fulfill these needs by training them in US laws.