Lexicon Kids is molding young minds to be great minds of the future

Lexicon kids

Pune| January 13, 2022: Lexicon Kids, a pioneer pre-school in Pune, is part of the prestigious Lexicon Group of Institutes. The pre-school welcomes children as young as 1.6 years old. The school offers Pre-nursery, Nursery, LKG, and UKG classes, as well as a Daycare and Child Development Center.

Lexicon Kids works closely towards their vision of molding young minds into great minds. The pre-school has laid a strong foundation for learning. The environment focuses on the social and emotional development of young minds. The school tries to engage the toddlers in learning with creative and innovative ways that convert the complex learning into fun-filled activities.

The Lexicon Kids have adapted the theory of Multiple Intelligence by Howard Gardner. The curriculum ensures an environment of maximum learning for the children. The learning process requires stimulation of all senses, which makes children more expressive and encourages critical thinking. The students of Lexicon kids are already winning awards and expressing themselves in front of large audiences. A two-and-a-half-year-old has won a record of appreciation from the India Book of Awards for identifying various fruits, vegetables, colors, shapes, birds, animals, vehicles, and reciting English alphabets and various other things. Another student from Lexicon Kids who is now a part of the Lexicon International School Wagholi gave a TEDx speech on womanhood at the early age of 6.

Lexicon Kids is about the 360° development of children and focuses on their overall growth helping them imbibe a ‘Believe in Yourself’ mindset. Values like truthfulness, kindness, gratitude, cleanliness, fair play, team spirit, and a lot more are part of the learning process. Additionally, it strives to implant positive attitudes and values into the students. The innovative and engaging methods of teaching have been proven fruitful for the kids at the Lexicon pre-schools.

The Lexicon Group of Institutes works on the ideology of ‘Believe in Yourself’ and they inculcate this in every child across the ecosystem – creating confident believers and achievers. This is especially helpful for Preschoolers as it assists them in growing up to be more confident individuals and citizens. Lexicon Kids indulges the students in various co-curricular activities that promotes curiosity and help in the growth and confidence of the students.

Lexicon Kids has several locations throughout Pune. The institute endeavors to offers the best care and education for toddlers.

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