Pacific World School organised two plays, Haqeeqat and Dreamcatchers in its Annual Function

India’s education hub Pacific World School, located in Greater Noida West, brought out two expressionist plays, first a social drama named ‘Haqeeqat’ and second a visually pleasing and entertaining musical play called ‘Dreamcatcher’, in its annual function on 16th and 17th December.

Classes V –XI students participated in the dance drama ‘Haqeeqat’. It was a satirical representation of society’s hypocrisy shown through fine art and the neat performance of young actors. The issues which were highlighted in the play had references from modern contemporary life, which everybody would find relatable. The social themes used in the play were:- ‘Poverty’, ‘Gender Parity’, ‘Social Media’ and ‘Education System’. ‘Haqeeqat’ turned out to be an impactful pantomime with the participation of energetic dancers and budding actors.

The Chief Guest on the first day was Dr. Renu Malaviya, Professor at the Department of Education, Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi and former HOD. She contributes as an expert to various bodies such as NCERT, SCERT, NIEPA, NTA, CBSE, ICSE, and various Universities, Colleges and Schools. She is being recognised for her social work in the field of Human-Animal interface, particularly with street animals.

The most-awaited offering of the second day was Dreamcatchers. The students of classes III & IV staged the musical play, which depicted the transmutation from fairy tales to reality. The amateur actors and dancers explored the diverse paradoxical differences between reality and dreams where fairy tales exist. Ms.Tapti Chatterjee, Executive Director, Modern Public School was the distinguished guest on this day.

The parents were emboldened by the presence of an extraordinary orchestra and choir and an exhibition of art and craft to transfigure the creativity of students.

Pooja Bose, Principal of Pacific World School, said, “I was pleasantly awed by the performances put up by students of Pacific World School. To be able to emote such complex feelings and nuances at an early age is a spectacular achievement. The annual function served as one of the occasions for the world to witness the gamut of talent which is present at Pacific World School. We were happy to host our esteemed Chief Guests and parents to the annual function of our school.”


Pic Source:  ICCPL