Study by Zell Education Uncovers 25 Percent Surge in Women’s Enrollment in Finance and Accounting Courses

Mumbai, 19th August 2023: According to a recent study conducted by Zell Education, India’s leading finance and accounts Ed-tech platform, there has been a notable increase of 25% in the number of female students enrolling for courses related to Finance and Accounting. This surge is attributed to many factors, foremost being the growing recognition of the importance of financial literacy among women encouraging them to seek opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in the same domain. Secondly, the concentrated efforts to narrow the gender gap in traditionally male-dominated fields have also led to various initiatives and campaigns to promote women pursuing careers in these areas.

The convergence of a revived enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge in the subject and the convenience and flexibility provided by edtech platforms has played a pivotal role in attracting a greater number of female students. Zell Education’s recent study showcased a remarkable surge in women’s enrollment, reaching an impressive 43%, compared to a modest increase of 15% in 2021. Furthermore, the demand for Finance & Accounting courses experienced a substantial growth of 40% in 2022. Alongside the traditional factors that motivate individuals, the instability within the global economic landscape has fostered heightened awareness among women about the necessity to develop skills to navigate intricate financial uncertainties.

Regarding the demographic breakdown of female learners, approximately 75% of them originate from metropolitan areas, with the remaining 25% coming from Tier II and III towns. Metropolitan regions typically exhibit a higher concentration of educational institutions, encompassing esteemed universities, colleges, and professional training centers. However, it is noteworthy that women from smaller towns and cities constitute a significant presence, accounting for 25% of the overall learner population. This indicates a growing interest in and improved accessibility to education in smaller urban centers. Several contributing factors could explain this trend, including enhanced educational facilities, heightened career awareness, and the availability of online learning platforms.

As Zell Education released these statistics, Mr. Anant Bengani, Director & Co-Founder said, “The overarching vision of diminishing the gender gaps is finally leading us to some solid trends. As the awareness about financial literacy grows along with a significant percentage of women now consciously investing in their careers and future, it is exciting to see a massive surge of female students creating a dent in traditionally male-dominated education fields and consequently industries. The overall possibilities of economic uncertainties, market volatility, and financial crises will continue to stimulate educational demand. We are expecting close to a 35% increase for these courses in the upcoming year”.

The male-to-female ratio for courses and certifications in finance and accounting is approximately 65:35. Though the top 5 courses in huge demand for both genders continue to be ACCA, CFA, US CPA, US CMA, and Diploma in IFRS.