Wecomm Digital, an exclusive branding and marketing agency for the education sector signs two prominent education clients

Komal Gupta, Founder, Wecomm Digital
Komal Gupta, Founder, Wecomm Digital

Delhi/NCR: A coming of age branding and marketing agency, Wecomm Digital launches with a focus on branding in the education industry. The agency has already onboarded Coders Studio and Professional Academy as their esteemed clients. It aims at providing a 360-degree marketing solution with personalization as per the needs to ensure a significant digital presence to the education institutes.

Wecomm Digital will assist their patrons to build a reputation and position it in the league of top brands that will help result in amplification of their incremental revenues. Amidst the unprecedented situation, the education sector witnessed a drastic change with transitions into the digital platform. Institutions, especially relatively new ones, faced a tremendous challenge in making a mark for themselves in the digital world. The agency enhanced by their experts is willing to work with such businesses and turn around their brand presence to attain mass visibility amongst the right target audience. The team provides a variety of solutions for successful branding and marketing such as digital and social media marketing, campaign strategizing, SEO, marketing strategy, digital public relations among others.

Coders Studio is a STEM Education Center. Their aim is to spread the knowledge of STEM education of the 21st Century and to make science, technology, engineering & mathematics more accessible to empower every kid. Whereas, Professional Academy is a leading coaching center providing tuition to classes 6-12 on various subjects.

“We are proud to have Coders Studio and Professional Academy as our clients. In today’s time, it is essential for educational institutions to establish their presence on all significant digital platforms to share their service, experiences, and achievements with the world. And not only focus on marketing but also club it with branding efforts to make a deeper impact which, we feel, is lacking somewhere in Indian educational institutes. At WeComm, each member of our team has the significant educational experience that allows them to understand and comprehend the client’s expectations to achieve the desired results”, quote Komal Gupta, Founder, Wecomm Digital.

Wecomm Digital is working towards developing and supporting its partner institutes to become a leading name in the Indian education industry. They can be contacted through their website or on the number 9958958928.