Bhoomika Jain performs at IIC Delhi on 20th of August…

Bhoomika Jain performed at IIC Delhi on the 20th of August to delight the ears of her audience with soulful Thumris, Dadras, and Gazals from the maestro’s collections

Bhoomika recalls how her most ancient passion and immense talent at music, could have seen itself blooming to the light of the day much earlier, had it not been for the conviction she should have had about following her heart’s call. But those were different times.

She actually dreamt herself singing to expansive auditoriums teeming with uproarious audiences at the reception of her melodies.

The inception of the dream definitely found its seed sown through her graduation degree in Hindustani classical vocal. Way ahead of the rest of her batchmates, she was a clear gold medalist had it not been for having missed out on her theory exam due to high temperature.

While at school she was already recognized as the best junior and then the best senior singer! And in the final year of her college, she was already singing for the Yuvavani All India Radio.

There would have been no looking back had she not been compelled to choose literature for higher studies instead of music. The one thing she ever wanted to change about her past given a chance, was to NOT put aside that form that she had filled for music for her Masters!

“But who has ever got a chance to alter history?” she reflects. The only thing we have any say over is the present moment.

Her intermittent years learning music under various gurus time and again, as and when she could make it happen in the midst of her familial responsibilities, finally brought her to a point where she could have the courage to reject all the conventional hurdles between her and her muses wedding.

She finally managed to reject all the other glamorous suitors for the truest and humblest of all the lovers she could have gone past: her most ancient beloved: Music! And she was more than stunned to realize how even after ages he was still standing there with his open arms ready to embrace her soaked in his all-enveloping love!

Bhoomika Jain has had the privilege to learn under various endowed gurus:

Under the Guru shishya parampara, her initiation happened under Kirana Gharana maestro Ustaad Mashkoor Ali Khan Sahab in Calcutta. She got more from Smt Rama Sunder; Pt Arun Kumar and the late Sarathi Chatterji in Gurgaon. Eventually, she was piloted under Smt Gargee ji Dutta (Mewati Gharana)

Apart from her deep bonding with music, she has been a passionate and endowed sculptor and writer; working as an art critic for nationally circulated magazines. She continued with her job as an educator and an educationist while raising two lovely daughters who are now pursuing their higher studies in the US. Music once again asserted its way back into her life to be her prime muse.

Her album: ‘Euphonic Symphony’ is available on international digital music stores like Apple Music; Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.