If anyone in the Industry knows how to pull a prank its Akshay Kumar

If Anyone in the industry knows how to pull a prank its Akshay Kumar

The issue of Mental Illness is finally being highlighted and the conversations on the topic are creating an awareness that the issue deserves. Amongst everyone that’s taking a step to making the world a better place for everyone, the beautiful and versatile actress Vidya Balan talks about her movie that took this initiative 12 years ago, Bhool Bhulaiyaa! The recently turned RJ and actress is doing a brilliant job on her radio show on 92.7 BIG FM’s Muthoot Blue ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho with Vidya Balan’. On a Friday special episode, Mumbai Ka Sabse Bada Struggler RJ Abhilash, speaks to Vidya about superstition, ghosts and the aspect of mental illness in her movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Vidya also discusses her character and co-star Akshay Kumar.

Speaking about her co-star Akshay Kumar, Vidya chuckled and said, “We have just finished shooting for Mission Mangal and it will release on 15th August. The madness he had 12 years ago is still there today. He is a prankster; if anyone in the industry knows how to pull a prank, its Akshay Kumar. I have trained under him because Hey Baby and Bhool Bhulaiyaa are the first few movies I did in my career. On every set, people say I play so many pranks and all I say is I have trained under the best.”

Talking about the superstitions and lack of awareness on mental health issues Vidya said, “I don’t believe superstitions at all, if you tell me something scientifically then I’ll believe you. But Avni in Bhool Bhulaiyaa was a victim of dissociative personality disorder which is a psychological issue. It looks like a horror movie but actually, it really wasn’t a horror story, it was a psychological issue that has been clubbed very interestingly. In the end, you get to know it’s not a horror story, it’s a movie on mental health and mental instability.”

On playing Manjulika, Vidya reminisces and says, “My director, Priyadarshan said a very important thing to me, ‘Bring out the animalistic instinct in you, I want to see a wild side of you. Just imagine you are a cheetah and portray it’s fierceness just before a kill’ I was skeptical as to how I will do this and then as soon as he said action I did something and he liked it. But when I did this character, I realized that it must be so scary for people who go through this, this disconnection from reality. Depression is just one mental illness, there are a lot more and when someone shares something like this with you, get them help.”