Masaba Gupta Combines Fashion and Reality TV as Co-Producer Showcasing Opulent Indian Weddings

Mumbai June 14, 2024: She owns her words, she owns her style and most of all, she owns experimentation like no other! Masaba Gupta, an unabashed force in the fashion industry is set to expand her horizon to reality television as she takes the chair of co-producer. Following the success of the enriched bridal collection which pays tribute to the regal heritage of Hyderabad and Patiala, the upcoming show by Masaba in co-production with Lucifer Circus will seamlessly blend fashion and rooted emotions surrounding Indian weddings, ensuring an unfiltered peek into the world of fashion for the audience.

Fashion is a story garbed in elegance and the new venture by Masaba Gupta as the co-producer of this reality show aims at starting a fresh trajectory in the way the audience perceives fashion. Reaching a wider audience, Masaba looks forward to sharing her creative journey beyond traditional avenues. The reality show will focus on the real people, their candid stories and raw emotions that drive the celebration of love and the joy of getting married. Strengthening the idea of fashion beyond barriers, the show will revolutionize traditional wear showcased by Masaba. The young women will don ensembles from the brand-new collection, fusing passion, confidence, and individuality – all in one.

In Masaba’s words, “I’m thrilled to bring you captivating stories of marriages, companionship, and everything in between. Join us as we go behind the scenes of one of life’s most cherished moments for any Indian—the wedding. Together, we’ll showcase the joy, traditions, and heartfelt moments that make these celebrations truly special.”

Owning the fashion space, House of Masaba rose to become an eponymous label curated by Masaba Gupta. Her latest bridal collection, featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan, is a testament to her distinct aesthetics. Each ensemble curated by Masaba stands as a symbol of strength, independence and empowerment; cementing these elements as one powerful stance by co-producing a show, that will feature glimpses of the unique sense and emotions of wearing the quintessential Masaba silhouettes.

With each new endeavor, Masaba continues to break barriers and redefine what fashion stands for! Cruising towards establishing higher heights in the industry, the show is a step in the right direction. It promises not only to unveil stunning bridal wear but also to inspire viewers to see fashion as a powerful medium for personal expression and empowerment.