Meet the biggest prankster on the set of Maddam Sir

Maddam Sir cast

The energetic stars of Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir never fail to keep the entertainment quotient high on-screen and also behind the scenes. The cast believes in keeping the fun alive on the set by either pulling mischievous pranks on each other or by singing and dancing to lift everyone’s mood. Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir continues to entertain audiences with light-hearted and impactful cases every week while also keeping fun alive on the sets. Maddam Sir’s leading ladies, Haseena Mallik aka Gulki Joshi and Sassy Santosh aka Bhavika Sharma spill the beans on the biggest prankster on the set while also reliving some fun memories so far.

Gulki Joshi, while talking about the behind the scenes fun and revealing the biggest prankster on the set, shared, “There is never a dull moment on the sets of Maddam Sir. We always goof around the set especially Bhavika, Yukti and I. We are either pull each other’s legs, dancing with each other or singing. I think after me our director is the mastermind behind most of the pranks on the sets. The ideas come from him and we execute them. Whenever anyone of the set is feeling low, we simply make it a point to lift up there spirits in any fun way possible. This one time we wrote a love letter from Billu to Yukti. Neither did Billu know nor Yutki about his letter. I remember Yukti was completely baffled and confronted Billu while Billu kept telling her that he has no clue about it. Although they later understood it was a prank but the whole incidence was really hilarious.”

Bhavika, adding to Gulki’s thought said, “Masti along with work is what defines our time on the Maddam Sir set the best. We are always having so much fun and laughter even between the shots that we never realize where our entire day goes. The biggest prankster has to be our director. He is the mischievous mastermind behind 90% of the pranks on the sets. I have been the victim of these pranks and twice I remember I ended up crying and later our director was trying his best to cheer me up. I think otherwise we all 4 girls are always full of energy. Yukti and I also keep making fun dance videos during our spare time. Maddam Sir set is a space full of entertainment, laughter and fun.”

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