Musical Dance Drama ‘Antrangini’ shows an untouched aspect of Radha-Krishna’s love


*Antrangini directed by Kajal Suri & written by Dr Neelam Verma will be staged on
-Sunday 26th May at 6pm,
in Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House,
New Delhi

The total duration of this Musical Dance Drama presented by RobrooTheater Group in Hindi and Awadhi is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Written by Dr Neelam Verma, the eternal love of Radha-Krishna is portrayed by the writer Dr Neelam Verma in a new light. Krishna comes to meet his Antrangini, Radha for the last time after the Battle of Mahabharat. What compels Krishna to come to Radha once again? Why was Radha impatient to meet her Krishna once again? The composition explores the purpose and relevance of their reunion.

Radha is Krishna’s contemporary. She must have been aware of what all happened after Krishna moved from Vrindavan to Mathura and then to Dwarka. After the devastating Battle of Mahabharat, she must have been desperate to meet him and reassure him in her own way.

On the other hand, though seperated from Radha for a long period, who else could Krishna confide in to express his inner turmoil?


This play strengthens the justification that Radha was truly Krishna’s love and inspiration….his Antrangini!

Besides the love between Radha & Krishna, there is a sensitive take on Yashoda’s motherhood and her concern for her foster son whom she had nurtured with utmost care and affection.

Antrangini is a yet unexplored expression of the mystical love between Radha and Krishna.

The Musical Dance Drama is presented under the meticulous Design and Direction by Kajal Suri.