&pictures’ drops the trailer of the psychological crime thriller Footfairy

National, September: The season of uncertainty has birthed new avenues for content to reach its audience. Setting a new trend in the broadcast industry, &picturespresents a one of its kind edgy TV first initiative ‘Footfairy’ ensuring a ‘full-on’ entertaining experience for the audience. Giving you a sneak peek of what awaits you this 24th October, the channel dropped the trailer of the psychological crime thriller ‘Footfairy’ today, which unfolds the dark and eerie world of obsession.

The path to embracing one’s obsession can lead to something gruesome and that is what CBI office Vivaan Deshmukh discovers during the intense cat & mouse chase with the serial killer ‘Footfairy’. With Kanishk Varma in the director’s chair, versatile actor Gulshan Devaiah helms the role of Vivaan Deshmukh, a CBI officer and his lady love, Devika played by the gorgeous Sagarika Ghatge. Produced in collaboration with OddBall Motion Pictures, this spine-chilling murder mystery, Footfairy, an &pictures original film is all set to hit your TV screen on 24th October.

Talking about the film, Gulshan Devaiah said, “The narrative of our movie FootFairy takes the viewer on a journey to experience how an obsession can make one cross the line just to get a sense of satisfaction. The movie’s take on the topic of psychotic obsession leading to crimes is quite exciting I think. We are glad to showcase this on a platform like Television, catering to a vast audience base.”

Talking about the genre of the film, Sagarika Ghatge said, “When unpredictable events come to the fore, the cat & mouse chase reaches a whole new level, which is the most interesting part of our movie, Footfairy. It explores the deep dark side of an obsession, the way it plays with one’s mind and makes one do things that is just unimaginable. The film brings unusual and intriguing concepts to light, which is something one looks for in each piece of content they watch.”

Set against the backdrop of Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, Footfairy is an edge of the seat crime thriller that follows a determined CBI officer Vivaan Deshmukh, as he sets of in pursuit of a mysterious serial killer, that strikes and kills women for his absurd obsession for feet. This nail-biting cat and mouse chase unravels the maddening dark world of obsession and to what extent it can take you.

Watch the trailer here: http://bit.ly/FootFairy-OfficialTrailer

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An &pictures original film ‘Footfairy’ is set to release this 24th October only on &pictures