Attracting Mentors and Highly Talented People

Implementing mentoring programs in the workplace is one of the most effective ways to increase employee retention and engagement over the long-term. In today’s tech driven climate, it’s hard to believe that companies are still having a hard time attracting diverse talent. Often startups are so laser focused on building their brand and finding investors that they fail to factor in career development, personal success, and overall well-being to their business models.

In order for the tech industry to meet future growth, companies need to change how they recruit and retain talent.

When it comes down to the bottom line, your team is your greatest asset, regardless of what service or product you sell or the size of your business. In order for your company to grow financially, it is important that you put the time and effort into developing a meaningful workplace filled with highly talented people.

Fostering a positive employee culture, whether it’s through mentorship or other professional programs, enables you to get the best contribution from them.  It also shows that you value them and want to see them succeed both personally and professionally.

Entrepreneur Adriana Herrera is consultant/advisor to tech companies on all things product, e-commerce, and business intelligence. She says talented people want to work with talented people and encourages team members to participate and contribute to community and industry events. “This is a great way to retain team members and create visibility that attracts new talent,” she says.

Likewise, entrepreneur Brian Paes-Braga believes attracting highly talented people comes down to how you treat them.

“Being able to attract highly talented begins with treating people with respect.  Whether it’s someone serving you coffee or the CEO of a company, you have to show someone that you value them and their contributions,” says Brian Paes-Braga.

Accomplished executive Fumbi Chima participates in several mentoring networks. She explains how these programs work and the impact they have on retaining highly talented employees. 

“For me, mentorship is one of the best ways to enable a more inclusive environment because when you mentor someone, you express your inclination to invest time and effort into another individual, helping him/her to think critically about his/her career and to work through challenges, which results in the mentee feeling welcomed and valued in the workplace.”

Success in a career depends largely in part by the efforts and abilities of the individual, but it also relies on the guidance from others. Support from the organization is often critical to provide inspiration for others; and it will also enrich organizations’ efforts to grow and retain talent in the future.

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