India’s Future Tycoon witnessed enriching and captivating ideas at its first boot camp

Weekend filled with fun, learning and engaging activities at the first boot-camp of India’s Future Tycoon – the first ever business and entrepreneurship platform that has been designed to attract great minds to present their ideas.

 The children from various schools in the city had gathered up for taking their ideas from an essay to a startup plan. They were given an opportunity to explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship and showcase their ideas about ventures, improvise on it, get trained by the experts and helping them transform the same into an actual business model.

The boot-camp started with Mr Sushil Mungekar, Founder &CEO, Enpower breaking a stereotype of equating entrepreneurs to businessperson. He built a canvas for students about how entrepreneurship is far more encompassing on solving people’s problems by actively pursuing opportunities than mere profit motives. Participants were explained entrepreneurship mindset through a team building game of a human version of Minesweeper to realize why this mindset is important for every individual in modern times.

This entrepreneurial challenge is inspired from UN’s 17 goals of sustainable development. Four themes chosen are No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being, Quality Education and Clean Water and Sanitation.

Speaking at the boot camp, Mr Sushil Mungekar explains the journey of a startup as, “It all starts with ‘empathy’ and searching your passion in providing a solution to someone’s problem. More critical and widespread the problem is, bigger and sustainable the venture would be. Good entrepreneurs focus on making their ventures more sustainable than dreaming about profits. They also learn from their own mistakes, dare to manage risk and failures, explore collaborative opportunities and always have higher ned for achievement.”

The boot camp is an intense live simulation that gives exposure to young teens, aged 13 -17 years on how to refine their ideas into a venture. These bright stalwarts will be trained under the guidance of WeSchool’seCell students. They will also be mentored and judged by venture capitalists from Aavishkaar, a firm that recognizes talent from underdeveloped regions in India and helps them nurtures and capitalize it to be sustainable in work environment.

Below are a few intriguing ideas that were presented by these young enthusiasts:

A few of these intriguing ideas that were presented by these young enthusiasts are ranging from giving an all new platform for moms who cook delicious food, with the help of a cellphone application they are trying to serve homemade healthy food to the children.

The kids are about to bring changes in the education sector too.  From getting professionals to teach accounts and economics to getting into a WAVE. WAVE is an innovative 3D way of learning different subjects, like a 3D heart with the audio talking about its functions. An idea that broke the clutter was an app that will use your genetics and IQ level to devise a custom made study plan.

Think big, act big seems like a good mantra for these stalwarts. To eradicate poverty from the country they have quite groundbreaking ideas. From making an app for donations and using this money to help build night schools and providing them with nutrition to taking the help of NGOs to reach places wherein help isn’t available to the poor.

They also plan on making a mark in the world with ideas like, construction hotels in tier two cities in the country. These hotels will be thematic in the sense that they will be based on a particular period in which that city was popular for.

These ideas have made us think that it is always the small steps like these will surely help us go a long way to make this world a better place to be in. This invigorating activity will take place the next weekend again with the new batch of students and the same level of enthusiasm.

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