Personal Finance Hacks for the Path of Entrepreneurship

personal finance

Have you been playing the procrastination game when it comes to your personal finances? It’s an easy trap to fall into, but the good news is that there are a few clever ways to reset your money scenario and get this new decade started off right. Whether you’re young and just beginning your financially independent life or middle-aged and ready for a change of tactics in order to pursue your goal of entrepreneurship, the following suggestions might work to help you turn things around.

Use a Student Loan to Complete Your College Degree

It might seem ironic that the first suggestion involves borrowing, but the concept is actually ingenious. Getting a student loan to complete your college degree (whether it’s unfinished or never started) can be the best way to add muscle to your long-term financial outlook. Today’s no hassle student loans offer great interest rates and competitive terms all around. Plus, you can opt for part-time study and take your classes at night, on weekends, or via a self-paced online program. There are multiple advantages to leveraging your ability to borrow at favorable terms for your education. A college degree means access to jobs with better pay and are more personally fulfilling.

Unsubscribe from Retail Email Lists

It takes about two minutes to go through your email inbox and unsubscribe from all those retail reminder lists. There’s no reason to tempt fate, as the saying goes. Opting out of lists like these will help you concentrate on purchasing what you need rather than what you want. Take the time to bid farewell to all your lists and soon your finances will be in better shape.

Make Coffee at Home and Replace Soft Drinks with Water

If you’re one of the millions of coffee drinkers, say goodbye to pricey servings at those trendy shops and make your own brew at home. For less than $12, you can purchase a basic coffee-maker. Then, you’ll just need water, some filters, and an economy-size package of your favorite ground coffee. The result is you will be spending a few cents per day rather than several dollars on the drink that so many people can’t do without.

Ditch Cable

Now more than ever is the time to ditch the high cost of cable and instead opt for the streaming services that has all of the best content anyways. While an internet connection is unavoidable, getting rid of cable and the hundreds of channels you like don’t watch anyways is a great way to save money each month. Come to think of it, when was the last time you watched live TV with commercials that was not stored on your DVR?

Make Detailed Grocery Lists

Here’s a simple idea that can save you some serious money. Instead of casually jotting down a few essential items on a card and dashing off to the store, set 10 minutes aside to sit down and really focus on what you need. Walk around the kitchen, looking in cupboards, on shelves, and in the fridge so you’ll discover exactly what you should buy. Making a detailed list will prevent impulse buying and eliminate idle time in the store wondering what was that other thing item you needed.