Returning to the new normal: Startups that are ensuring a safe comeback


With ”Unlock” initiates in the country after lockdown, businesses are resuming operations.

As India begins to ease the restrictions of lockdown, it will be imperative that there are measures in place to ensure the safety and security of citizens going back to work and daily activities. Startups across India have come up with innovative new ideas to tackle challenges presented by Covid-19 such as how to ensure social distancing, rethink transport in city centres, and get people back to work. From factory workers to city commuters, here are some startups using tech to help us to return to a new normal.

Zoomcar – Succoring essential service providers

India’s self-drive mobility platform, Zoomcar, has stepped up to ease the transportation woes faced during the pandemic. Zoomcar has partnered with various organizations that are considered essential in this period to ensure their employees are provided a safe commuting option. The service ensures these partnering organizations are able to lower the barriers for essential personnel to come in and serve the needs of the citizens. Also, Zoomcar has announced the launch of Zoomcar Mobility Services (ZMS), to provide a diverse array of software-based platform services across the entire spectrum of vehicle categories ranging from 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, trucks, and buses. ZMS will work across both internal combustion and electric vehicles and is fully hardware agnostic.

Dotpe has launched a QR-based contactless commerce and payment solution

With the increasing cases of Covid-19 globally, many countries announced the lockdown state and started observing strict norms of social distancing. This urged the retailers both online and offline, to push for contactless commerce. Gurgoan based O2O commerce platform DOT has launched a QR-based contactless commerce and payment solution and is striving to tap the $1 trillion retail market in India. The contactless retail solution by DOT will allow the shoppers to scan a QR code by using the mobile phone camera and get access to catalogues of retail brands and menus of restaurants on a browser.

Staqu – Video Analytics to smart monitoring

A Gurgaon-based startup, Staqu, recently announced an array of offerings to facilitate superior COVID-19 response. The brand is leveraging its proprietary video analytics platform JARVIS to roll out cutting-edge use cases aimed at identifying, tracking, and curbing the spread of COVID-19 and similar contagion. The video analytics is the only way to monitor all the compliances and guidelines in new normal. The offerings include COVID-19 identification, Suspect Tracing, PPE monitoring, Security, Safety and Hygiene Analytics and People Analytics.