Comparison of Lucky Jet and JetX Games


Jet X Game online

Jet X is an innovative new generation game that is available on all licensed online betting sites. It has quickly become well known. Despite the fact that the gameplay itself is interesting to Lucky Jet fans, their main purpose of spending time in the game is to increase the initial deposit. All strategies and tactics, common on the Internet, are in great demand and many bring winning outcomes.

Given the basic requirements, players all over the world are making successful high-yield bets. We invite you to consider the online version of this game, where you can truly appreciate both the simple and intuitive interface, as well as the meaningfulness of the game. It is also worth choosing a licensed platform where the bookmaker guarantees honest and timely payouts.

Lucky Jet Game online

Lucky Jet is a game for money, which increases the odds on the bets made by players, which gives each player the understanding that he can influence the outcome of the game. In fact, this is a simple but advanced online casino slot machine in an unusual design, attracting the attention of gamblers for its novelty. The Lucky Jet crash game has a lot of copies, but similar to the game and the interface you will not find anywhere else. In the game instead of the plane, such as in another well-known game Aviator, instead of the plane we see on the screen Lucky Joe with a jet backpack of luck behind him.

Rules of the game Jet X

Rounds of the game are automatic, so you can bet at any time when you enter the game. Bets are accepted before the start of the game, it is necessary to set the odds from 0.1 to 600. Rules of the game: at a high enough altitude to be able to withdraw the odds when the plane reaches altitude. The higher the plane, the higher the odds, respectively higher your final winnings. Just like in Aviator, if the plane disappears from the screen, the bet is completely burned. The rules are simple and clear, you have to try the game in action.

Rules of the game Lucky Jet

Before you run the game for money Lucky Jet, it is worth considering a number of points:

  • Each flight of Lucky Joe represents one game round, each of which lasts from 5 to 30 seconds, depending on the flight;
  • The flight time is the equivalent of the final multiplier by which the bet amount is multiplied. The maximum multiplier reaches X100, in some casinos this figure can be increased up to X200;
  • The potential yield may depend on the reaction speed and gambling.

Jet X Demo version

The point of the game in Jet X is up to each player. Some are ready to fight with the plane and, if opportunity arises, to break the jackpot. Some just sharpen their skills in the demo to understand the process and get acquainted with the rules. In the meantime, you’ll follow this game so you don’t lose any real money. As soon as you discover the Jet X game, you will be presented with a feature, play the demo version or make a real bet. If you are not familiar with this game, we advise you to play the demo version a couple of times.

Lucky Jet Demo version

Run Lucky Jet demo and play for free. This feature, developed and designed by the creators of the game, brings a great contribution to future earnings of users. If you’re not yet too familiar with the rules and you need time to get acquainted with the interface of the game, then the best option is open to you, download the demo version of the game on your phone, or play from a desktop computer for free.

Strategies and tactics in Jet X

All new generation games involve a set of strategies, revealed observation methods and patterns of real players. Let’s take a look at the most common ones:

  • Minimum entry point

Withdrawal is carried out after the suggested odds of 1.1 or higher on the screen;

  • Strategies with average odds

The player automatically withdraws with a multiplier in the x2 to x3 range, thus being able to win more money. The percentage of winning rounds reaches 40% on average;

  • Risky tactics

The risk, as they say, is justified. Reaching the odds of x100+, you can break a big score. This is where the statistics come in handy, which will show at what bets the highest odds were. If you calculate everything correctly, you can multiply your bet by 100, 200 or more times.

During the game, you can use several tactics, the best of them will bring profit. But it happens that the day went wrong, and the betting is only losses. Then it is better to postpone the game until tomorrow. The profitability in this game is high, with a return percentage of 97%.

Strategies and tactics in Lucky Jet

Absolutely everyone can win in this game. But do not forget that there are losing bets, it depends on a number of reasons, from the wrong tactics, as well as inattention, as well as the overpowering desire to make a lot of money. Today there are three popular tactics for the Lucky Jet Crash:

  • Martingale. Lucky Jet game strategy – the game is played with doubling the bet amount in case of loss and calculating the bet at the moment when the odds reach 2.00;
  • 4 blue X’s. Many users are convinced that once a series of 4 blue multipliers are on the odds line, it is possible to catch a high multiplier afterwards;
  • Playing on low odds. In this strategy, Lucky Joe gets to a multiplier of 1.20 90% of the time, hence, it is enough to make a bet calculation a little earlier for a stable win.
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