Paul Pogba Predictions

When talking about the reason for the transfer of the midfielder to Juventus, it is easier to immediately start talking about money. Which consist specifically in the transfer of a midfielder. By the way, placing bets on hockey is very convenient through Betwinner apk. Manchester United has already lost a student twice, while the player is visiting Turin for the second time as a free agent. For Pohiba 6 years ago, Manchester United paid more than 100 million euros for the return. Today, this is the second transfer in terms of the value of the amount, after Neymar. The agent leading the athlete’s business at that time received approximately 20 million from the transfer.

If we talk about salary, then there is a mention of receiving 300 thousand pounds a week, which was offered by Manchester, against 8 million a year from Juventus. Which is almost two times less.

Paul Pogba Predictions


The player spent six seasons in the English Premier League

On July 1, the six-year contract between Pogba and Manchester United expires. Last season, the athlete did not play as much as he was treated. And he immediately stated that the contract would not be renewed.

Before joining Manchester, the midfielder played for Juventus, where he won nine trophies. With the application of the football player, having heard the statement about the departure of the athlete, the latter immediately entered into negotiations with the former team captain in order to lure him over to his side. The Bianconeri were the main ones for some time, but the last games were not in their favor. The title passed first to Inter, and later to Milan.

The return of the championship for Turin is almost the main task. To do this, you need to make the composition stronger. A contract with the midfielder could be a key decision for Juventus.

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Will this affect the Field’s stats?

Over the past season, the footballer played 20 matches, in which he scored only one goal and received 9 assists. For the athlete, the season was not the most successful. If we take into account, in addition, his frequent health problems and multiple injuries, after which he retired for a long time.

In general, due to health issues, the last year turned out to be far from the best. If we also take into account the lack of good physical preparation due to injuries, which could be. Also, the athlete himself did not hide that he wanted to leave the club for another, which caused concerns with motivation and flaws in the games.

Paul has always treated Juventus with warmth, so we can firmly say about his mood and motivation. In Turin, the football player produced stable results. What do his constant goals say?

You can place the following bets on Series A:

  • for TB 5.5 – for 2.00
  • on TM – for 1.72

Successful passes are as follows:

  • per TB for 1.60
  • on TM for 2.20

There is no great certainty that the player will score goals, but he will definitely help in this. Therefore, you can bet on field broadcasts on TB 10.5 -1.65, and on TM – 2.10 Nothing lasts forever, like the atmosphere in the Juventus club, which has set a course for the rejuvenation of teams. Therefore, with the advent of the football, player will be one of the oldest players with a lot of experience behind him. He has to show the younger generation how to score with a doublet. On TB 1.5 – 3.40, on TM -1.27. We recommend putting a hat-trick for 6.00.

Paul Pogba Predictions 1

Will Paul bring back a cruel game from England?

Pogba is not exactly a calm player, but he also never played deliberately rough. He likes to quarrel with rivals. In addition, his positioning in the center of the field implies a violation. Only in the previous season, the Frenchman received 7 yellow cards. On TB and TM 6.5 you can bet 1.85. Last season, the footballer was ejected from the field in the English Premier League twice. He also left the game early. The coefficient for a red card is 3.20.

Question answer

What is a double rate?

A double bet allows you to minimize risks and make a double chance on bets.

Are there match fixes?

Yes, there is, because people who offer to bet on a contract for a cheap amount are trying to deceive you. Nobody will sell you these bets. They are available only to a very narrow circle of people.

What is total in bets?

This is a bet where the range of the number of goals scored is indicated. With this bet, you can get additional profit.



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