A fifth of all cancers are lung cancers…

Dr Mallikarjun Rao

Every year on 1st August- Lung Cancer awareness is spread across the globe to make people understand the impact of cigarette smoking & other harmful efforts of tobacco consumption on health.

Lung Cancer is the leading concept affecting human beings around 20% of all cancer are due to lung cancer only. Main risk factors are cigarette, beedi, cigars, chutta smoking & consumption of their tobacco products. Cigarette smoke contains more than 3000 chemicals including 70 different types of cancer-causing substances.

If a person gets diagnosed with lung cancer, his family member are 2 times more prone to get lungs lung cancer, which shows the risk of passive smoking effects on other family members. Other risk facts including those exposed to environmental pollution, occupational gases like chemical factory workers, are also at high risk compared to normal civilians.

Most common symptoms are persistent cough, spitting of blood stained (phlegm) sputum, severe weight and appetite loss, breathlessness. Suspicion of lung cancer increases with above symptoms and 40-50 years aged smoker. Most patients visit doctors at an advanced stage, though it can be easily diagnosed with simple chest ‘X- Ray, CT Scan chest, Bronchoscopy – test where camera filed to scope is passed into lungs similar to endoscope and lung biopsy. Relying on routine tests done as a part of annual/pre-employment/medical tests; rarely help to pick up early. With the advancement in medical oncology expertise to therapeutic modules, the treatment options are wide open and the post treatment survival periods also getting increased with each year.

Nevertheless, smoking remains single most common risk factor for lung cancer. It should be stopped at all costs.

Avoid smoking to avoid lung cancer development.