Healing sounds

New Delhi, 12 th August 2020: Manbhavan, a popular and joyful support circle in India organized by Manovikas Charitable Society is gaining immense popularity for their virtual programs held exclusively for differently-abled people. The virtual platform was graced by Dr Anju Sharma, a renowned Psychic reformer, Sound & Energy Master, Wellness-Holistic Coach, International Speaker and Founder of the Musical Healing Band named “Sound of Infinity”.

Dr Anju started the session by discussing sounds and their frequencies around us and their impact on us. She made the session more interesting and interactive by making the students and the audience does breathing and clapping exercises followed by the counting of 1 to 30 with watching time. These exercises help to increase concentration. She also discussed how to keep the left and right brain active by doing Gyan Mudra, a brain-gymming exercise. It was a fun activity in which students have to focus on one hand in Gyan Mudra and swinging it left to right while humming any song or a simple birthday song. As the session continued, Dr Anju asked all the students and the parents to draw a landscape that helps to understand what is going inside an individual’s mind, to know how much a child and parents are connected and how the child perceives the outside world. She will analyse each landscape, once sent to her.

Discussing the sound therapy, Dr Anju Sharma suggested the audience listen to the kind of music they love but advised not to listen to rock or loud music. Listening to sounds like flowing water, breeze or bird chirping can help in opening the brain nerves and makes the person energetic. Sound healing meditation also helps in removing fear and stress. She further helped with a few tips on colour healing for specific problems. The session concluded with Dr Anju answering a few questions from the parents. The audience was seen enjoying the activities and were happy to interact with Dr Anju Sharma.

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19, Manovikas Family has created the Manbhavan virtual programme to engage and connect with their students and other individuals with disabilities during this isolation time. It is a platform through which the team provides support to individuals and families struggling with isolation, emotional, and other family-related crises. Manbhavan is an opportunity to meet with a famous personality and create a friend circle, learning, performing, live virtual dance, music, painting, art and craft, concerts, drum play, virtual cooking classes, virtual yoga, and many more online activities. This virtual event is free and only for people with disabilities.