Brightsun Travel’s Workplace Initiative on Menstrual Wellbeing and Tackling Stigmas

Gurugram, May 27th, 2024: In a significant step towards promoting health awareness and breaking societal taboos, Brightsun Travel recently conducted an informative session focusing on women’s menstrual health and hygiene. Esteemed Ayurveda experts, Dr. Jitendra Gill and Dr. Preeti Gill, led the session, which was attended by Brightsun Travel staff and aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of menstrual health and related issues.

Dr. Jitendra Gill, a dedicated expert in Ayurveda and natural remedies, emphasised the importance of understanding and maintaining good menstrual hygiene. “Menstrual health is not just a women’s issue; it is a human issue. By addressing it openly and educating both men and women, we can eliminate the stigmas and taboos associated with it,”

Dr. Preeti Gill, also an acclaimed Ayurveda practitioner, highlighted the critical role of education in changing perceptions. “Awareness and education are the first steps towards creating an inclusive and supportive environment for women. By understanding the natural processes of the body, we can promote a culture of empathy and respect,” stated Dr. Preeti Gill.

Anju Sethi, HR Head at Brightsun Travel, who spearheaded the initiative, expressed the company’s commitment to employee well-being and gender inclusivity. “As a human resource leader, I believe that fostering an environment where employees are educated about each other’s challenges leads to a more harmonious and productive workplace. This session is a step towards ensuring that our male and female employees can support each other better, thereby strengthening our team dynamics and overall company growth,” remarked Anju Sethi.

The workshop addressed various issues, including the significance of menstrual hygiene, the impact of societal stigmas, and practical steps for maintaining menstrual health. Employees were encouraged to ask questions not only about menstrual support in the workplace, but also about how they could support their female family members at home, by engaging in open discussions, making the session interactive and impactful. This is summarised in a video released by Brightsun Travel on YouTube, featuring the key points and learnings from the session, highlighting expert insights and staff feedback on why this type of event should be held at workplaces.