Doctors at Prasad Hospitals perform a complicated surgery for facial nerve tumour, for the first time in Hyderabad

Dr. S. Nishanth, Consultant ENT surgeon and Otorhinolaryngologist,

Hyderabad: Doctors at Prasad Hospitals, Nacharam, led by Dr. S. Nishanth, Consultant ENT surgeon and Otorhinolaryngologist, performed the first Lateral skull base exploration and excision in Hyderabad. The 22 year old patient Shyam Ganesh, hailing from West Godavari in Andhra Pradesh, was suffering from right facial nerve palsy for the last two years due to a complicated facial nerve tumour. Facial nerve tumours are very rare, occurs in a 1 in crore population and the cause is unknown.

The patient had developed the benign tumour on facial nerve originating from brain, which is responsible for various muscle functions resulting in facial expressions. As the tumour was gradually growing, the trauma aggravated with grave symptoms of inability to close the eyelid, deviation of angle of mouth to opposite side, altered taste sensation etc. His multiple visits to several hospitals in both the Telugu states to find solace went in vain, with none of them willing to take the risk due to the anatomical complexity and the highly demanding skill needed to approach and clear the tumour. If left untreated the tumour would have continued to grow, compressing and invading other surrounding structures, resulting in other cranial nerve palsies with symptoms like giddiness, hearing loss, speech and swallowing disorders etc.

As his condition deteriorated rapidly, he was referred to Prasad Hospitals. Dr Nishanth after evaluating the patient’s condition and exploring various options, decided on performing the Lateral skull base exploration and excision surgery. After a marathon 9-hour surgery the tumour was removed completely. The patient has recovered since and is completely healthy. The facial nerve will gain its complete strength and function in six to twelve months. The patient can now resume his normal routine.

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