Hi-tech intervention cures young bank officer suffering from brain tumor

Hi-tech intervention cures young bank officer suffering from brain tumor

New Delhi: Mr Sharma, a young bank employee was successfully cured, after being diagnosed with a benign (non-cancerous) tumor in his brain with the assistance of advanced microsurgical procedure at Max Hospital Saket. The patient who used to have intense and frequent headaches suddenly lost the ability to speak and got bed ridden due to weakness in his right side of the body.

Assuming this to be a general weakness and would go away with some medications had delayed the diagnosis for almost 15 days. Upon consultation at Max Hospital, Saket, where the MRI of the brain revealed a benign tumor, he and his family were left in utter shock and horrified about the condition.

While a common myth persists in the minds that any surgical procedure of the brain mostly leaves people with permanent paralysis or in a vegetative state. He and his family were counselled about the latest minimally invasive intervention procedures and hi-tech equipment, which has zero risk and are highly safe procedures.

“Our team decided to perform a microsurgical intervention making use of the navigation technique for precisely targeting the tumor. With latest advancements made in the field of neurosurgery and interventions in the recent decades, surgeries have become completely safer and risk-free. The patient successfully underwent the procedure and made a swift recovery. He was completely cured and did not have any complications as noted before the surgery. Since the procedure was done in a minimally invasive manner, the functional and aesthetic outcomes were preserved.” Said Dr VK Jain, Senior Director, Neurosurgery, Max Hospital, Saket.

Within a span of one month, Mr Sharma had joined back to his bank job and feels better as earlier. Latest generation MRI scans have the potential to accurately position the site of tumor in the brain. Further with the assistance of Functional MRI(f-MRI) even the functional areas of the brain can be traced with accuracy without affecting the adjoining healthy cells.

“I would suggest to the public to not hesitate in getting the surgery done for a brain tumor from a well-established neurosurgical centre. Since delay in each and every second damages the brain cells and can potentially lead to paralysis or even mortality in the worst case.” Added Dr Jain

Brain tumour is the tenth leading cause of morbidity in India. The incidence of this deadly disease is rising and different kinds of tumours manifest at different age groups. As per the GLOBOCAN 2018 report, issued by the International Association of Cancer Registries (IARC) associated with the World Health Organization (WHO), in India over 28,000 cases of new brain tumour cases were reported annually.  Around 24,000 patients lost their lives battling this neurological ailment.

Although the prognosis of highly malignant tumors (cancerous) are not good, but with advancements in surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, many patients make exceptionally good recovery.