International Conference on Physical Therapy backed by Pheal engages stakeholders in discussion on decoding challenges, innovation & digitisation

Mumbai, February 04, 2023: The International Conference on Physical Therapy (ICPT) 2023, sponsored by Pheal, was held in Navi Mumbai on January 28 and 29, 2023. During the two-day conference and exhibition, prominent national and international faculty of physical therapy engaged in professional discussion and debate.

The International Conference on Physical Therapy was supported by Pheal, a smartphone app that offers innovative physical care to patients while simultaneously improving the professional standing of therapists. Since its launch in July 2022, Pheal, an acronym for “physical therapy healing,” has been providing solutions in line with its founders’ goal of organizing the physiotherapy market by aiding physiotherapists in their work.

The conference saw 300 papers and posters being presented, in the attendance of 35 national and 7 international speakers who addressed all stakeholders of physiotherapy under a single roof. Dr. Abhishek Mandlik, Pheal’s physical therapist and Mumbai Cricket Association sports physio, talked on the topic “Decoding the Potential of Sports Physiotherapy,” while Pheal Physical Therapist Dr. Hemakshi Basu addressed the conference on “Digitizing your business with Pheal.” Over 20 national and international equipment makers, solution providers, and start-ups participated in a physical therapy professional exhibition hosted on the occasion.

Rik Gosslink of KU Leuven University in Belgium, Steve Milanese of the University of South Australia, S.M. Zahidul Islam Sazal, Former Physio Bangladesh cricket team, Sunil Pokhrel of WHO-Nepal, and Dr. Ulrich G. Randoll, President Randoll Institute were among the international speakers. Dr. Deepak Kumar Capri, Capri institute of manual therapy, Delhi; Dr. Arun Maiya of Manipal College of Health Professions, Manipal, Karnataka were among the Indian speakers. The conference and exhibition were held at Ramsheth Thakur International Sports Complex’s state-of-the-art convention hall in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai.

Speaking about the conference, Surya Agarwal, Founder, Pheal said, “Pheal is on a mission to empower physical therapists with technology. ICPT has been an excellent platform for us to share our vision and include more physical therapists in our growing community. There is a lot more we would like to do for the physical therapy industry, and hope we get the support we need to make it happen.”

Namita Ambani, Co-founder, Pheal said, “It’s our absolute pride to be associated with ICPT 2023.  Pheal has been incorporated to support the physiotherapists’ journey. The Pheal Club is an inclusive community of physiotherapists who want to upgrade their practice and establish physiotherapy as a first-contact profession by leveraging the opportunities generated by Pheal. ICPT has provided us with a platform to onboard therapists to the Pheal Club. We are grateful to Dr. Sudeep Kale and other committee members for giving us this opportunity.”

The conference, according to Dr. Sudeep Kale, President of the OTPT council and Physical therapist, Ph.D. (cardio respi), aims to reunite the Physiotherapy world post-COVID and incorporate new digital technology into clinical practice and patient care. “It’s fantastic to see companies like Pheal taking the lead in addressing shortcomings in physiotherapy practice management,” he said.