Leading Dermatologist Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra’s Initiative to Bridge the COVID Medical Care Gap in Delhi NCR

Leading Dermatologist Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra’s Initiative to Bridge the COVID Medical Care Gap in Delhi NCR

At a time when Delhi’s medical infrastructure is reeling under a menacing COVID wave, leading Delhi-based dermatologist Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra has launched a new initiative to provide medical support and guidance to patients by converting her wellness clinics into COVID tele-support centres.

The initiative aims to help provide medical guidance, monitoring and support to patients with mild or moderate illness in a bid to bridge the medical care gap being experienced by a large number of patients.

Led by Dr Chhabra, her team of 12 doctors and health educators have taken charge of the tele-support initiative with an objective to enable early treatment for as many patients as possible, thereby preventing complications and need for critical care.

“Over the past few weeks we have been witnessing an alarming situation where healthcare is crumbling under the weight of the pandemic and patients are running from pillar to post to be able to find a doctor. We have seen a number of people experience severe complications because of delay in treatment as doctors are heavily occupied treating critically ill patients. This is a gap we want to bridge through our tele-support initiative. Our main objective is to treat mild and moderately ill patients early so that we can save them from reaching a stage where they would need hospitalization or oxygen support,” said Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra, leading dermatologist and founder of Alive Wellness Clinics.

To undertake this initiative, Alive Wellness Clinics has tied up with General Physicians and Chest Specialists to facilitate tele-consultation for patients under the guidance of Dr Chhabra’s team. The initiative is being offered free of cost for patients.

Patients who reach out to the Alive Wellness Clinics’ COVID support team are first guided by the internal team of experts followed by a tele-consultation with a specialist. The patients are closely monitored over 15 days through online consultation by the health guides at Alive Wellness Clinics who also facilitate blood tests and radiology investigations if needed.

“In this difficult situation, as medical experts we want to do our bit in helping as many patients as possible get the right medical care and guidance. A lot of patients tend to deteriorate over a week if treatment is not started immediately. Our team of doctors and health educators is servicing anybody who calls us and focus on starting preliminary treatment immediately. Where needed, we connect these patients to Physicians and Specialists through tele consultation and our team continues to monitor their health vitals closely for further action,” added Dr Chhabra.

Alive Wellness Clinics is a network of 7 Skin and Wellness Clinics spread across Delhi and Gurugram. One branch is in Chandigarh. Patients needing medical guidance can contact the COVID support team at Alive Wellness Clinics between 9 am to 6 pm through the following contacts:

  • Panchsheel Park Clinic: 9810776367/8527622993
  • DLF Phase II, Gurugram: 8448080416/8448082075
  • Pusa Road Clinic: 8527622995/7428133117
  • Greater Kailash 1 Clinic: 9999915509/8527598354
  • Punjabi Bagh Clinic: 8826741948/8446080417
  • South Point Mall, Gurugram: 9818004845
  • DLF Phase II: 8448080416/8448082075