Mukta Vati- The Potent Herbal Supplement that treats Hypertension, Anxiety, Insomnia and supports Cardiac Health

Mukta Vati

Nirogam’s Mukta Vati is an Ayurvedic supplement and a natural adaptogen for hypertension and related diseases. It is used for the treatment and management of various conditions like high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. The potent herbal formulation is also beneficial for cardiovascular conditions, tissue inflammation and Restless Legs Syndrome.
Apart from reducing high blood pressure, Mukta Vati also helps to:
• Reduce inflammation in the body
• Protect the Heart
• Purify Blood
• Protect the Liver
• Relieve Stress and Anxiety
• Treat Insomnia

According to Ayurveda, hypertension and related diseases are a manifestation of imbalanced Vata, one of the three “Doshas” of the human body. Mukta Vati works by balancing the Vata and bringing the body to its natural rhythm of wellness. It helps to ease out and treat symptoms of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tissue inflammation, insomnia, irregular or erratic pulse, tiredness, stress, and anxiety. It also eases blood flow, enhances cognitive abilities, promotes peaceful sleep, and energises the body. It provides the body with eight essential minerals that promote a healthy blood circulation.
Mukta Vati is an all-natural, herbal supplement that contains rare and precious herbs. Mukta Vati is a potent herbal formulation that uses plant compounds in a unique combination that balances the doshas. The main ingredients of Mukta Vati are: Shankhushpi (Aloeweed) that has Vata balancing & Medhya properties and Jatamansi (Climbing staff tree) which helps to reduce oxidative stress, destroys free radicals, and has nerve protective and antioxidant properties. Other ingredients of Mukta Vati include Brahmi, Arjuna Bark, Winter Cherry, Jyotishmati, Pushkarmool, Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha and Mukta Pishti. Mukta Vati is completely soy free, gluten free and free from any preservatives or harmful chemicals. It is well tolerated among individuals and has no harmful side effects.
Speaking about Mukta Vati, Mr Puneet Agarwal, Director and CEO- Nirogam said: “Mukta Vati is the best natural remedy for hypertension. It contains the best and the most potent combination of herbs and plant extract that helps to balance the blood pressure, reduce inflammation, anxiety and promotes peaceful sleep. It is safe for long term use and is not habit forming.”
According to experts, Mukta Vati can be consumed by anyone who is suffering from: hypertension
high level of cholesterol, heart disease, insomnia and anxiety or stress. It can also help to support the heart and cognitive ability of a person by reducing stress. It is known to show general health improvements within 15-30 days of daily consumption.

Why is Mukta Vati the best choice?

• It has no adverse side effects.
• It does not cause dizziness or drowsiness and can be taken any time of the day.
• It balances the Vata Dosha without interfering in other Dosha’s functioning
• It is not habit forming