National Kidney Partners Announces Launch of Statewide Nephrology Practice

National Kidney Partners (NKP) is a newly formed physician owned and physician led organization resulting from the merger of over fifty providers from six independent nephrology practices in Florida. NKP’s founding members span the state, and include Renal Hypertension Center, Kidney and Hypertension Group of South Florida, First Coast Nephrology, Florida Kidney and Hypertension Clinic, Jacksonville Kidney Center, and Kidney Institute of Florida. NKP will deploy the most effective methods and best practices from all six groups in order to execute on the mission of value-based care; lowering the total cost of care, raising the quality of care, and improving the patient experience.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) care costs are approaching $140 billion and represent 25% of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) budget. In order to manage this cost to the economy and improve the quality of care, CMS developed a new value-based program called Chronic Kidney Care Contracting (CKCC). Since this program was announced, over $1.5 billion in private equity funds have been invested in nephrology start-up companies to focus on value-based care. NKP is at the forefront of this transition, and is collaborating with Fresenius Health Partners to implement the CKCC Model as a first step. In addition to its CKCC partnership with Fresenius, NKP is developing additional critical partnerships with major stakeholders in the kidney health industry to execute on this value-based care mission.

Muralidhar Acharya, MD, President/CEO of NKP, believes that entrepreneurial physicians in private practice have a preeminent role in this era of disruptive innovation in kidney health. “For the last two years, we have been working to bring together the highest quality nephrologists and prepare for these new value-based care models. Our founding members represent an impressive core of nephrology providers in Florida,” he said.

NKP’s strong belief is that physicians in private practice are able to react quickly to the changing healthcare environment. As Dr. Valle, NKP’s Chief Medical Officer, said, “We have assembled a team of experts and partners to take ownership of the chronic kidney disease patient healthcare experience and deliver patient-centered care while preserving physician independence, driving success in private practice, and optimizing clinical and financial outcomes. This is truly a win-win-win value proposition for all stakeholders in the healthcare system and their communities.”

NKP will continue to look for nephrologists throughout Florida who are interested in “having a seat at the table,” working collaboratively to reach the goals of raising the quality of outcomes to their patients, safeguarding autonomy in private practice, and taking advantage of the economies of scale and maximizing the negotiating leverage that joining a large group provides. Physicians will now have the opportunity to implement disruptive innovations and reassert their role as leaders in the transformation of CKD care in our country.

In partnership with their physicians, NKP has assembled a management team to position the organization as the leader for value-based care in Florida. In addition to Dr. Acharya, the following team is in place to move the organization forward: Gabriel Valle, MD, Chief Medical Officer, H. Todd Hoopingarner, Chief Operating Officer, John Murphy, Chief Strategy Officer, Jennette Greco, Senior Vice President of Operations, Mary Reeves, Interim Chief Revenue Officer.

National Kidney Partners serves patients in the Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville markets with over fifty providers. The NKP team will provide the full range of kidney disease related services including general nephrology, hypertension, kidney transplant, dialysis vascular access, education, and clinical research.