New Device Proven to Prevent Ankle Injuries and Can Be Used by Athletes at Any Level

The British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded Spraino can mitigate the risk of sprain injuries

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – July 10, 2024 – A Danish doctor’s new device, Spraino, has been medically proven to prevent ankle injuries without compromising on comfort or mobility and can be used by athletes at any level.

Spraino’s technology controls friction on footwear, minimizes injury and maximizes performance in sports. In addition, it alleviates gait impairments for people with foot drop and other types of impairments.

Spraino straightens the foot before the injury occurs. In a typical ankle twist, the outside of the shoe is stuck to the surface, which results in a twisted ankle, according to Dr. Thor Grønlykke, Spraino’s inventor. “For athletes, as well as people with a tendency to twist because of a gait impairment, this can result in serious injury. With Spraino, the friction on the outside of the shoe is reduced and, instead of twisting, the foot returns to its natural position, thus preventing the twist,” he said.

A 2021 British Journal of Sports Medicine study concluded, “Compared with usual care, athletes allocated to Spraino had a lower risk of lateral ankle sprains and less time loss, with only few reported minor harms. Our results support the premise that Spraino can mitigate the risk of sprain injuries among indoor sport athletes, and that its use is not associated with severe adverse consequences.”

Among Spraino’s international collaborators are scientists at the Institute of Biomechanics at the German Sports College in Cologne, the Department of Orthopedics at Hvidovre University Hospital, the Department of Mechanics at the Danish Technical University, the Department of Orthopedics at Odense University Hospital and Aalborg University.

Grønlykke has a specialist certificate in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics and a diploma in sports medicine. He made the first prototype of the ankle protector out of need. When playing basketball as a medical student, Grønlykke struggled with seemingly endless ankle injuries. Since using his invention, he has been injury free and, to date, he has never suffered another ankle injury.

Grønlykke added that women have more injuries and that Spraino may be particularly helpful to them.

As to the future, Grønlykke said, “Our technology is making it possible to help people directly. Our materials technology and the experimental models developed in collaboration with our university partners make it feasible to conduct experiments and create shoe properties that previously seemed impossible.”

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