Vedicure Healthcare and wellness reopens Door for Patients in Andheri, Mumbai

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Mumbai: Vedicure Healthcare and wellness, Andheri is finally back on its feet to treat patients with various conditions like Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, Infertility, high blood pressure, respiratory illnesses, skin and hair problems, and Bone-related problems such as joint pain, Weight management; all under one roof. The aim is to maintain the quality of life of the patients by helping them lead a healthy life.

Dr. Samudrika Patil, CEO, Vedicure Healthcare and Wellness said, “Vedicure uses a path-breaking technique handed down from generation to generation and practiced for 25 years, wherein the latest scientific advances and traditional wisdom of medicine is used to cure any ailment via a holistic approach. The clinic offers a wide range of therapies with the help of its well-educated, trained, and experienced doctors and professionals from various streams who, together are able to handle complicated cases. We believe in creating a patient-friendly environment by providing care and counseling to patients through rigorous follow-ups and personal attention. The personalized treatment plan is provided to the patients after assessing their health with the help of a thorough examination.”

It is also the need of the hour for the patients to take charge of their health by sticking to a healthy lifestyle even after seeking appropriate treatment and care. Try to make sure that you avoid indulging in unhealthy activities and instead find a balance that will lead to better health.

Dr. Patil also added, “Vedicure uses a wide range of healing modalities including Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Diet and nutrition, and more. The right combination of these treatments provides a powerful and fast-acting healing experience. To date, our doctors have successfully treated about 27 lakh patients in the last 26 years and our aim remains to lead you to better health.

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