Webinar on Holistic Healing to Unlock the Mental Well Being by Dr Anju Sharma for FSAI, Delhi Chapter

Dr. Anju

New Delhi, With pandemic and daily increasing cases, are impacting everyone’s mental well-being. The uncertainty prevailing related to the health, money or job creates an environment of stress and anxiety. To beat the stress nothing is more helpful than holistic healing. Dr Anju Sharma, a renowned Psychic reformer, Sound & Energy Master, Wellness-Holistic Coach and the founder of Musical
Healing Band – ‘Sound of Infinity’ was a part of a webinar to help stressed people. The online webinar was an initiative of FSAI Delhi Chapter and was held recently.

The webinar was conducted on the line to help in understanding one’s physical state and their behaviour during a stressful circumstance. Besides, holistic healing also imparted knowledge about things to consider safeguarding your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Dr Anju Sharma who is also an international speaker highlighted on how due to the outbreak of COVID-19, almost all the people are in a stressful environment which is creating psychological chaos. Each person reacts differently to a given stressful situation. Dr Anju Sharma shared tips to deal with such situations and how to improve the immunity system. During the webinar, she also discussed the water
aspect of your body and how it helps in improving your mental and physical well-being. Dr Anju also did some practical session of breathing techniques before concluding the webinar. The breathing exercise helps to enhance the quality of life. Everyone breathe but do we focus on our breathing. It helps in
managing your mind and will also help you relax both mentally and physically.

This webinar was free for member of FSAI / CTBUH / IIA / IIID / ISHRAE / ASHRAE / GACS / APA ASSOCHAM GEM / IGBC / IFE-UK / IEEMA / ASIS / OSAC.