Woburn Dentistry Offers Sedation Dentistry to Help Patients Overcome Dental Anxiety

Woburn, MA, December 06, 2023 –Woburn Dentistry is pleased to introduce sedation dentistry into its practice located at 474 Main Street Woburn MA. Up to 30% of patients suffer from dental anxiety. And, patient anxiety means patients are avoiding dental treatment and failing to receive preventive/routine dental care, according to Sedation DOCS. To significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the fear and anxiety associated with dental treatment, Woburn Dentistry is now offering sedation dentistry.

Through a variety of oral sedatives (lorazepam, triazolam, and/or hydroxyzine), nitrous oxide (commonly referred to as “laughing gas”), and intravenous sedation, patients will feel sleepy and relaxed throughout their procedures. Rather than being “knocked out,” this form of sedation allows them to remain responsive during the procedure but to have no memory of it. Patients’ oxygen saturation and blood pressure are monitored throughout the entire sedation process.

“The option to receive sedation has changed the lives of many of our patients – enabling them to overcome their dental fears and to have a positive clinical experience,” says Dr. Jamie Chan, General Dentist at Woburn Dentistry.