Building a Home: A Smart Family Investment

Ilham Al Rashdi, Client Experience Manager at 'Vilal Housing'

By Ilham AlRashdi, Client Experience Manager at ‘Vilal Housing’ 

Dubai, UAE, July 9, 2024: In an era characterized by rapid development and transformations, owning a standalone home is indispensable for many individuals and families. Building and owning a home represents a significant phase in any person’s life; therefore, this process should be based on correct foundations and comprehensive knowledge of all construction stages.

In this context, many face difficulties understanding these stages, which may lead to high costs or psychological pressure during the construction process. Here, the role of educating prospective homeowners about the importance of these stages and how to handle them correctly and thoughtfully becomes apparent.

First, the person planning to build must engage in planning, researching, and investigating the best companies, learning from others’ experiences to build their dream home according to their needs and aspirations. Their role is not limited to choosing the project executor but also includes closely and continuously monitoring the work stages, implementing the agreed plan, and paying attention to the home’s details to avoid unexpected errors. This includes many financial and administrative aspects that require attention. Since most prospective builders often lack expertise and knowledge in these areas, they must choose a reliable entity to oversee the work and deliver the project perfectly, according to the set schedule and budget.

Building homes requires considering many factors, from environmental impact to the building’s general appearance, operating and maintenance costs, and the physical and psychological effects on homeowners before, during, and after construction, among other factors. Therefore, it is essential to appoint a competent company well-versed in all these aspects to avoid any negative impacts on the project or its owners.

The wise leadership in the UAE has paid significant attention to providing a dignified life for its citizens by enhancing efforts to educate them about various aspects of homeownership, including the necessary knowledge and guidance for the stages of home construction and their importance.

‘Vilal Housing’ manages citizen housing construction projects with innovative ideas and a unique Emirati touch through a team of qualified national staff with expertise in design, finance, and construction. This team includes project managers, architects, civil engineers, tender managers, financial controllers, and customer service and happiness experts.

Many awareness initiatives about building citizen homes have been launched, providing citizens with knowledge about the procedures and documents required to obtain housing assistance and necessary building permits, as well as the stages of budgeting, selecting consultants and contractors, design, tendering, commissioning the contractor, and contracting.

Today, we are working hard to enhance efforts and educate citizens on building their homes by organizing workshops and training courses in collaboration with housing institutions and private sector companies. This effort will help build their confidence and security, reduce the stress and anxiety that may arise during the construction period, enabling them to enjoy their time with their families and better focus on their jobs and businesses. This, in turn, will enhance their productivity and benefit society as a whole.

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