Energy efficient appliances for smart kitchen

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Even as we fight the global impact of human activities, it is the duty of every person to ensure that we do our bit to save the planet. Small steps like reducing plastic, reusing and upcycling our everyday things are being followed by many.

The kitchen is one space where we can make a big impact with some thoughtfulness. The devices that you use can bring down the energy consumption, thereby contributing towards living sustainably. Just replacing multiple devices with a 6 in 1 device like On2Cook or replacing your traditional refrigerator with an energy saving one can help to reduce your carbon footprints immensely. Here are some devices that you can swap to create a smart and energy efficient kitchen.


On2Cook, the world’s fastest cooking appliance, originally made headlines when it appeared in Shark Tank India Season 1’s finale. Based on combination cooking, the device combines existing methodologies of cooking – flame/induction, and microwave – to provide the most nutritious and delectable food. It is amazing to see that the device reduces cooking time by at least 70% and energy consumption by more than 50%. Furthermore, the food prepared in this device retains all water-soluble nutrients while maintaining texture, taste, flavour, and colour. On2Cook can bake a cake or pizza in 4 minutes and cook chicken or rice in only 7 minutes. Just adding this device to your kitchen can make you a super energy conserver as you save dearly on both time and energy.

BlendJet 2

This revolutionary portable blender can literally create a tornado in your eating habits. It revolves at 275 revolutions per second and can blend frozen fruits, ice, vegetables in as little as 20 seconds. It is perfect for making smoothies, protein shakes, chutneys, dips, hummus, salad dressings and so much more. Most importantly this portable device just needs to charged once with a USB port, and it will give 15 full blends. For those facing erratic electricity supply, this is the apt solution. Thus, this energy efficient portable blender is apt for those who love to travel, and can’t live without healthy meals. BlendJet came to India just about 6 months ago after creating a tornado in more than hundred countries.

Whirlpool PowerClean Technology Dishwasher

This Ultra Quiet, 14 place setting dishwashers is apt for a family of 6 members. It has space for dinner plates, single glass, dessert plate, soup bowl, knife, spoons, fork, dessert plate. It has 8 wash programs and it not just saves energy but water too, thanks to its PowerClean Technology.The intelligent 6th sense technology in Whirlpool dishwashers ensures outstanding cleaning results with up to 50 percent savings of time and water. It has 8 foldable lower racks along with four foldable upper racks. The dishes will be done while you are resting, and most importantly you conserve water.

Samsung 550 L Twin Cooling Plus™ French Door Refrigerator

As a highlight, this refrigerator has many features like convertible freezer that enable flexible storage, expanding storage space as and when needed. All thanks to the Twin Cooling Plus technology, the temperature of the refrigerator is always within control and controls the humidity. This helps to preserve food and protects the flavour. Even as you save and store food for next time, the fridge has LED light which is soothing and keeps the fridge cool. Most importantly, it emits less heat, thereby it is more energy efficient.

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