A creative campaign by the Hyderabadi retailer to encourage the use of face mask


Hyderabad Face MaskHyderabad: Hyderabad based 132-year-old Maqdoom Bros located at Madina embarked on a novel initiative to encourage the use of face mask. The socially important information which is given in an appealing way to encourage more people to use a face mask to stay safe and healthy has been attracting many visitors to the story.

This is an effort to portray the importance of face masks and its relentless fight against the COVID-19 pandemic puts the retailer.

They have set up a 10 feet mannequin, which Abid Mohiuddin, one of the three brothers of the store says is the world’s tallest mannequin dressed up with blazer(coat) and trouser, both together they call it a suite is made by using 250 medical masks.

The idea behind it says another brother Faiz Mohiuddin, wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance is the only preventive measures to protect ourselves from the dreaded virus–Corona. What could be the best way to make our visitors, customers and hundreds and thousands of the local people who pass by as well as tourists(whatever the few numbers) realize the importance of mask by setting up a giant ‘mannequin’.

“The mannequin and the giant size suit when seen by visitors to the store and passersby should inspire others also to wear one”, he adds. Every mannequin in the store is also masked.

Maqdoom Bros, the 132 years old store being run by fourth-generation retailers always come out with unique ideas and initiatives on socially sensitive issues.

Masks offer protection to us and are also meant to protect those around us, in case we are unknowingly infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 to say Abid, Hamid and Faiz three brothers.

When asked why they were doing this at the fag end of the corona as Vaccine is around the corner.

They say shops were closed till the end of June. Customers were not visiting till the end of August. We could see footfall around September. But, that was the time people also started talking about the second wave. That is when we though as responsible citizens and socially conscious corporate citizens, we must to something and come up with this unique idea. Now even after vaccinated, experts suggest that people must wear masks. That is why we have come out with this unique giant size mask man about a week back they explained.. We have got the mannequin made especially for the purpose. We have spent rupees three lakhs in getting the Mask Maharaja as well as the outfit, shared Faiz Mohiuddin.

Some people avoid mask because they find them uncomfortable or reasons best known to them. To encourage a positive attitude towards cultivating this habit, we wanted to do something unique to spread a positive word about it. To promote this culture, we randomly offer our customers who wear masks some discounts.

We have also been distributing masks to people without masks passing through our shop. This was also well received, they shared.

The research suggested that if two people meet and neither is wearing a mask, the risk of transmission of the virus is very high. If one of them is wearing a mask, the risk is medium and if both are wearing a mask, the risk is low. So, people should keep their faces covered with a mask and also ask others to do so for the benefit of the community.

Our message is simple. It is life, not a laugh. Your mask protects you and also protects others. Others masks protect them and you. So it is simple. I wear a mask to protect you. And you wear a mask to protect me. Wear a mask and protect yourself. Mask is the best defence against the virus. You don’t need another external help, they informed

Maqdoom Bros started in 1895. We were official catered to Nizams, the rulers of the Hyderabad State. Maqdoom Bros have also presented some of their ethnic wear to some global leaders when they visited India. They have also presented Sherwanis to some of the visiting cricketers and others.

Maqdoom Bros has become a destination for many visitors to the city for ethnic wear

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