After two acclaimed novels, Author Ratan Kaul launches worldwide The Morning Glory-A Book of Poetry

The Morning Glory

After the immense success of his two novels, author Shri Ratan Kaul has come to his readers with his third book, The Morning Glory. The newly launched book, published by White Falcon Publishing, is a collection of English poems, like a multi-hued garland, interlaced with the diverse thoughts and experiences nurtured in the author Ratan Kaul’s life. His poems encompass the reflections on the grandeur of nature and the universe and its impact on the day-to-day lives of human beings.

In this poetry book the readers can rejoice with the breeze of adolescent romance, the fragrance of love, sounds of bugles of victory and nationalism, the romance of cloud messenger, the allurement of mythology and several such heart touching themes. Also, they can introspect on the roar of the crumbling nature, the threat of world’s extinction, the dimensions of liberty, the need for justice and Illusory global peace that will keep them engaged and inspired.

The book has already been greeted with wide acclaim. “Reading Ratan Kaul’s poetic outpourings is like being catapulted into a realm that is infinitely more vibrant than our own. Both mystical and mystifying, your soul will be taken on a wondrous journey that it will not soon forget.” Says Eva Xan, Poetry Editor & Author of “Esoterra”, USA. Also, there are 5-star reviews on amazon.

Speaking of his new book, Author Ratan Kaul said, “This is my dream book, as it reflects my deep insight into various facet of life that I have tried to translate into poems. I hope readers will give the same love to this book as they have given to my earlier two novels, Wings of Freedom and The Full Circle.”

The book is available for sale in India and international Amazon channels.

Ratan Kaul Author

About Author 

Ratan Kaul has a background of several years of top-level corporate management. As a part of his literary pursuits, two of his novels, ‘Wings of Freedom,’ a historical romance and ‘The Full Circle,’ a contemporary romance have been published in 2011 and 2017 respectively. He has lately turned to writing poetry also and the result is “The Morning Glory”, a compilation of poems touching various shades of life.

He loves writing fiction and poetry to bring to life the stories and poems that emanate in his mind from the day-to-day incidents in life. New reflections and experiences supply a challenge and excitement in his life that he then inculcates in his books to entertain his readers and convey inspirational and social messages to them.