Basant Goel, the owner of Goel Medicos helps aged people through old age scheme.

Basant Goel, the owner of Goel Medicos
Basant Goel, Owner, Goel Medicos

New Delhi: Adding on to his list of philanthropic endeavours, Basant Goel, the owner of Goel Medicos diversified into old age pension segment, where he financially helps the aged people who have no source of income.

Anyone above the age of 65 with no financial support or those who are not able to avail the government schemes due to some unexplainable reasons, are eligible for the scheme only after thorough verification done by the team.

According to the scheme, an amount of Rs 1500/- is distributed to those in need per month so that they can fulfil their requirement at their convenience. Through the scheme, he has helped around 150-200 aged people up till now. Incidentally, he gets 10-15 queries on average throughout the year.

In addition to this, Basant Goel also distributes shawls, soaps, blankets and other essentials regularly to meet the necessary everyday requirement of the aged people.

Working in the line for around 10 years, he is actively operational in Delhi, NCR and UP regions. Likewise, the team also helps homeless old age people settle down in Old Age Homes through their reference.

On the occasion, Basant Goel said, “Being starkly disturbed by the devastating fate of the aged people, I was driven by the passion to help them in every way possible. Considering that they have no source of income, I wanted to help them financially so that they are not led to beggary or any hard work at such delicate age.”

Given that many old age people have a religious inclination, Basant Goel organizes and takes care of their stay at Mathura, Vrindavan and other religious places.

In addition to these, recognizing the rising menace of cataract amongst the aged, Mr Goel extends his aid in cataract treatment where he helps them get surgery at a cost-effective price and give them medicines free of cost.