Bharat Petroleum introduces Olympic Champion Neeraj Chopra as Brand Ambassador for Premium Petrol ‘Speed’

Bengaluru, 29th February 2024: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a leading Fortune 500 Maharatna Energy Conglomerate, is pleased to introduce Olympic and World Javelin Champion Neeraj Chopra as the brand ambassador for their Premium Petrol ‘Speed’.

Neeraj Chopra, with his stellar achievements in athletics, epitomizes the essence of winning, performance, and success. His role model status, exceptional journey and unparalleled accomplishments align seamlessly with the ethos of ‘Speed’, making him the perfect embodiment of the brand’s values.

Shri G. Krishnakumar, Chairman & Managing Director, BPCL, expressed his enthusiasm, stating,‘Speed’, the hi-performance petrol from Bharat Petroleum personifies peak performance and the thrill of staying ahead each time, every time. Now with bespoke friction modifier technology, your drive fueled by ‘Speed’– not just petrol, is much smoother, delivering accelerated mileage and ensuring peak engine performance. “

We are happy to have Neeraj Chopra, the epitome of performance, efficiency and consistency, embodying the soaring spirit of the aspirational Indian as our brand ambassador for ‘Speed’”.

Echoing similar sentiments, Shri Sukhmal Jain, Director (Marketing), BPCL, emphasized the transformative power of sports and the significance of Neeraj Chopra’s association with Speed. “Sports have always been a catalyst for convergence and inspiration. Neeraj Chopra’s winning spirit and dedication to excellence resonate perfectly with the attributes of ‘Speed’, our next-generation high-performance petrol. Neeraj’s partnership with ‘Speed’ will undoubtedly inspire customers to strive for greatness”.

This collaboration with Neeraj Chopra follows BPCL’s successful alliance with cricketing legend Rahul Dravid, who serves as the brand ambassador for the company’s ‘Pure for Sure’ initiative and range of ‘MAK lubricants’. The association with sports personalities like Neeraj Chopra and legendary Rahul Dravid underscores BPCL’s commitment to quality, authenticity, excellence and trustworthiness.

With a heritage steeped in upholding integrity and bringing innovative solutions, BPCL has consistently distinguished itself as an industry leader. Amidst the dynamic landscape of competition, the company’s steadfast commitment to these values has consistently set it apart. The introduction of Neeraj Chopra as the face of their premium petrol ‘Speed’, reaffirms this commitment, reflecting a shared ethos of maintaining the highest standards of performance and reliability.