BML Munjal University Plants Native Trees to Nurture Nature on World Environment Day

National, 07 June 2024: On the occasion of World Environment Day, BML Munjal University (BMU) organized a tree plantation drive on its campus to reinforce its commitment to environmental sustainability. The Environment Club, along with students, faculty and staff members, planted trees of native species, aiming to increase the green cover and preserve biodiversity.

Plantation Drive at BMU

Recognizing the critical role of restoring ecosystems, BMU’s initiative is aligned with this year’s World Environment Day theme, ‘Land Restoration, Desertification and Drought Resilience’. As an institution of higher learning, BMU recognizes its pivotal role in shaping future leaders who will champion environmental causes. By integrating sustainability principles into its curriculum and fostering a culture of environmental consciousness, the University aims to empower students to become agents of positive change.

Dr. Ziya Uddin, Dean, Student Welfare at BML Munjal University, “, emphasized the institution’s dedication to environmental stewardship, stating, “At BMU, we believe in fostering a symbiotic relationship with nature. Through our Green Campus Initiatives, which include tree plantation drives, landscaping with native plants, installing solar panels to harness renewable energy, wastewater treatment, environmental education, and awareness, collaboration with local communities to promote sustainable practices, and active student involvement, we aim to inspire our students and the wider community to act as responsible custodians of our planet. This World Environment Day initiative reflects our steadfast commitment to create a sustainable future for upcoming generations.”

BMU’s dedication to environmental stewardship extends beyond its campus, as it actively engages with local communities, policymakers and industry leaders to drive positive change. By fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and cultivating future leaders who prioritize sustainability, the University seeks to leave a lasting impact on the world and secure a thriving planet for generations to come.