Breaking the Silence Fall Summit Returns on September 19, 2023

Breaking the Silence Fall Summit Returns on September 19, 2023

Tampa, FL, September 12, 2023 — The much-anticipated Breaking the Silence Fall Summit is back for its third installment, scheduled to take place on September 19, 2023. This inspiring virtual event will run from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST, bringing together a lineup of renowned speakers, including the esteemed keynote speaker, George Chanos, former Attorney General of Nevada.

Breaking the Silence Fall Summit is a transformative platform designed to encourage individuals to share their stories of triumph over trauma and inspire others to overcome their past. With a diverse array of speakers, all contributing authors to an empowering book collaboration, this event promises to be a day of inspiration, healing, and personal growth.

George Chanos, a prominent legal figure and former Attorney General of Nevada, will headline the summit as the keynote speaker. His extensive experience and unique perspective on overcoming challenges make him an ideal choice to kickstart this empowering event.

Joining George Chanos are a host of remarkable speakers, each with their own compelling stories and insights to share:

Elyse Howard
Trent Brock
Sue Bowles
Courtney Bates-Walker
Sarah Daniel
Janet Martin
Jan Canty
Stephanie Miller
Lena Cebula
Nicoll Norelli
Claudia Wassiczek
Morgan Guinn
Renita Gibbs
Lori Arbel
Nichole Myles
Helena Georgiou
Pearl Chiarenza
Stacy Peasall
Tina Quant
Joseph James
Martha Kartaqui
Michelle Jewsbury

The Breaking the Silence Fall Summit aims to foster a community of support and empowerment, where individuals can openly discuss their journeys of resilience and personal growth. By sharing these stories, the summit seeks to inspire others facing similar challenges to find the strength within themselves to heal and thrive.

This virtual event will offer attendees the opportunity to engage with these inspirational speakers, participate in interactive sessions, and gain valuable insights into the power of resilience.