Dr. Mickey Mehta graces his presence at India’s biggest holistic wellness festival & Awards

Sattva Nation, India’s leading holistic wellness advocate, hosted the third edition of the ‘Sattva Iconic Wellness Awards’ today, marking the country’s largest annual wellness festival.

Mickey Mehta, the global holistic health guru, says “Wellness is the dance of life, choreographed by the mind, sculpted by the body, and set in harmony with the spirit. It involves balancing, purifying, regulating, and fortifying, as guided by the principles of panchmahabhootas.”

The event celebrated holistic well-being across eight dimensions and featured esteemed guests like Ambassador Deepak Vohra, Sanjay Kumar (IAS, Director General NITI Aayog), Lazar Vukadinovic (Ambassador of Serbia), and others. Notable personalities from various fields, including Gurmit Singh Arora, Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Shibani Kashyap, and Dr. Mickey Mehta added to the event’s charm.

Sattva Nation focuses on Physical, Environmental, Social, Financial, Emotional, Occupational, Spiritual, and Intellectual well-being. The ‘Sattva Iconic Wellness Awards 3.0’ honored individuals who demonstrated resilience and excellence in the wellness industry. Notable women entrepreneurs and professionals, including Preeti Seth and Dr. Rajashri Tayshete Bhasale, received awards.

The fest featured engaging panel discussions on topics such as ‘Harmony of Mind, Body, and Environment: Holistic Wellness in the Modern World’ and ‘Empowering Women: Navigating Challenges, Creating Opportunities.’ Panelists, including Preeti Seth, Dr. Mickey Mehta, Gurmit Singh Arora, Anchal Sharma, Sampat Pal, and Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, emphasized the importance of harmony and empowerment in today’s fast-paced world.

The event received support from partners like Knest, K Raheja Corp, Resurgent India, MentorX, Pachouli Wellness, Core & Pure, NDSWA, Meals of Happiness, and Can Heal. Sattva Nation’s ‘Sattva Iconic Wellness Awards 3.0’ not only celebrated life but also highlighted the crucial role of holistic well-being in shaping a healthier and harmonious society.