Dr Sangita Reddy emphasizes on equal opportunities and fair work environment for women at Mahila Shakthi Sammelan

Hyderabad, February 27, 2024:

Dr Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals; addressed a large gathering of women at the Mahila Shakthi Sammelan, hosted at KK Convention, Sun City, Rajendra Nagar.

mahila shakti sameelan

Speaking on the occasion Dr Sangita Reddy said, a joyful woman at home radiates happiness throughout the family, fostering not only cheer but also promoting the wellbeing, prosperity and wisdom within the household, treasures far surpassing any material wealth we may pursue. Sthri shakti is the most powerful of all the shaktis, this shakti can transform, a home, a society, a state, a country, and the world. Where women take the lead, the outcomes are consistently positive and profoundly beneficial to mankind. Last year India hosted the G20, and the most important element of G20 was G20 Empower, which was focused on women. Each of the twenty G20 countries has women empowerment groups, and their main objective is to enhance the women workforce. I was the Chair for the G20 Empower and in my first meeting I emphasized on the fact that women do most of the work be it at home or at work, almost 24/7. Supporting the hardworking women is the responsibility of the society. Currently women form just 23% of the workplace and there are less than 5% women CEOs, even for the same work man and woman perform, the woman is paid less. Therefore, women need the support and encouragement to overcome these discriminatory practices and rightfully gain equal opportunities and fair work environment.